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In this article, we will be talking about the top 10 yahoo states in Nigeria. What do we mean by Yahoo states in Nigeria? What does Yahoo mean? Who ranks first and last in this Listicle? Find out in this interesting post.

Nigeria is one of the most populous country in the world. It has an estimated population of over 216 million people. With such a large population comes the need for a large economy. Fortunately, Nigeria has a large economy which relies on oil and agriculture.

Top 10 Yahoo States in Nigeria

In Africa and the world, Nigeria holds a top spot in matters of security and world economics. You would think that would make Nigeria a popular destination in the eyes of investors and foreigners. However that is NOT THE CASE! Why is this so? One word, Yahoo-Yahoo!

What is Yahoo? Yahoo used to refer to internet fraud back in the early days but its definition has since spread to include any kind of fraud. This kind of frauds include: property fraud, insurance fraud and even marriage fraud.

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The presence of people who do Yahoo popular known as Yahoo boys or G-boys have put Nigeria in a bad place. Thanks to them and a combination of worrying national security issues, Nigeria has gotten a bad image in the eyes of the entire world. Foreigners exercise extra caution when they do business with Nigerians because they know how difficult it can be to tell if the business proposal is real or fake.

Although the Yahoo syndrome is spread across the entire country, Yahoo boys and girls can be found commonly in some places than others. This listicle aims to list the top 10 Yahoo states in Nigeria in ascending order: from number 10 to number 1.

Using our reader’s numerous experiences and several personal accounts from people on our page, iamNG came up with a top 10 list of the Nigerian states with the highest number of Yahoo guys/girls.

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Without further ado, the following are the top 10 yahoo states in Nigeria in descending order;

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10. Abuja

E shock you, abi? Don’t be shocked, please don’t. We all know that Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and the de facto pride of the nation. However, despite being the centre city and consequently the seat of power of this nation, Abuja is a hotspot for Yahoo boys.

How is this so? Permit me to explain. As you know, Abuja is a city where the high class socialites prefer to stay. It is where the big money businessmen and businesswomen reside in. This consequently makes it a popular place for Yahoo boys looking to make quick money.

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9. Kaduna

Kaduna is the northern Lagos“, have you never heard this saying? Well, you probably might not have but there is some truth to it. Kaduna is very developed in terms of infrastructure and is a popular site for industries. And despite being located in the north where everyone assumes all the violence in Nigeria takes place, Kaduna is relatively safe. This makes it a great place for many big companies and rich people.

Thanks to its commercial significance in the North and its close proximity to Abuja and Kano, it is a favorite place of fraudsters. Yahoo boys can travel from the state to Abuja and to Kano which makes it a great place regardless.

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4. Delta

Located in the famous Niger-Delta region (a name that is synonymous to crude oil extraction in Nigeria), Delta is a beautiful state. Warri, one of the state’s most popular cities is believed to be home to the funniest comedians in Nigeria. Five out of ten comedians claim to be from Warri (most however aren’t).

But that is not all Delta State is about.  Some of the biggest scams in the history of Nigeria happened there. The most popular type of fraud or Yahoo in Delta State is the impersonation of government officials.

Be careful if you are ever in Delta. Yahoo boys are rampant and unlike the saying “boys are not smiling“, these Yahoo guys smile a lot.

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7. Anambra

Newsflash: The next 3 Nigerian states in this list of top 10 Yahoo States in Nigeria can be found in the South East region of Nigeria.

Top 10 Yahoo States in Nigeria

The major tribe in this region (and collectively the largest of any of the tribes) are the Igbo people. Igbo people have always been praised by Nigerians as being the most industrious and consequently the wealthiest group of people in the country. However, this wealth doesn’t always come from a source one can pride in. Many inhabitants of Anambra engage in Yahoo Yahoo.

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6. Enugu

Enugu, in particular its capital city which bears the same name as the state, is an mainstay name in Yahoo Yahoo news-related talks.

Thanks to the many quiet estates that litter Enugu city and Enugu state, there are many people who engage in high and low end scams.

Be careful whenever you are in Enugu state. Always be on high alert, you might just get scammed.

5. Imo

Imo is swimming in Yahoo boys and Yahoo influenced people. You might argue that that is an exaggeration and you might be right but you also know that this exaggeration is very close to the truth.

In Imo, it is not a very unusual thing for people to suddenly start building houses and purchasing flerts of cars. As you might suspect, the source of this wealth is often YAHOO!

4. Ogun

Ogun is that sizeable South-West state that is often overshadowed by its smaller neighbor; Lagos. When people say they are going to Ogun State from one of the other Southwest states, they say they are going to Eko. Guess what, Eko is the Yoruba name of Lagos and not Ogun State.

Away from that, Yahoo scams is popular in Ogun State. The state has continued to be in the news for many things like ritual killings and kidnapping. The third highest case of moral decadence in the state is Yahoo and occasionally Yahoo plus.

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What is Yahoo plus? It is the use of rituals to enchant people to give money against their will. Yahoo is diabolical-assisted scamming.

Yahoo and its more ugly siblings, Yahoo plus are popular in Ogun State, beware. These two are why Ogun State ranks number 4 on this list of top 10 Yahoo States in Nigeria.

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3. Rivers

River is home to several forms of moral decadences. From cult related violence to hooliganism, the state is a constant presence in news. Yahoo is another form of this moral decadence.

Why did we rank Rivers 3rd in this listicle of top 10 Yahoo States in Nigeria? My reasons are justified by accounts made by our readers on social media and the number of arrests made by EFCC on a weekly basis in the state.

2. Edo

Edo state is not actually the place we wish to rank here but its capital city of Benin City. We however can not add it on this list as it is not the name of a Nigerian state.

The city is popular as an hotspot for Yahoo guys of several age groups: from young boys to adults. Charms are also commonly used in Benin. It is a common joke in Nigeria that Benin City is the seat of witchcraft and this seems to have added a growing interest in the ‘venture’.

1. Lagos

Lagos State is a pacesetter in many aspects; infrastructure, economy and internet fraud.

Top 10 Yahoo States in Nigeria
Hushpuppi, Nigeria most popular fraudster

From Lagos mainland to Lagos island, there are Yahoo guys scattered everywhere. The number of arrests made by EFCC on a monthly basis ranks high in the state more than anywhere else.

I am sure many of those reading this blog post would agree with Lagos been number one on this list of top 10 Yahoo states in Nigeria. 

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There you go, you have just read the list of top 10 Yahoo States in Nigeria in order of descending population numbers.

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