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Iya Gbonkan Biography, Net Worth, Date of Birth, Age— Wikipedia

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Iya Gbonkan

Hello there, welcome to iamNG, the blog for you and I. In this article, we will be talking extensively on Iya Gbonkan. The information in this article will provide with answers to questions from several topics like:

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Iya Gbokan Wiki and Profile Summary

Iya Gbokan Biography

Real Name Margaret Bamidele Olayinka
Stage Name Iya Gbonkan
Date of Birth 14th of September, 1958
Age 63 years old
State of Origin Oyo State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christian
Profession Nollywood actress
Phone Number Unknown
Net Worth $50,000

Iya Gbonkan Biography: who is Iya Gbokan?

Who is iya gbokan

If you are a big fan of Yoruba-themed Nollywood movies, then there is almost no way you wouldn’t know who Iya Gbonkan is. The veteran actress whose real name is Margaret Bamidele Olayinka. 

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If her name’s doesn’t ring a bell, ask your parents [the ones who enjoy watching Yoruba Nollywood movies on a Saturday evening]. Most people born in the last century are familiar with the name Iya Gbonkan.

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So how did she start her acting career? Although I will talk more extensively on this in concurrent sections, let me give you a glimpse of what to expect. Like everyone of the early pacesetters in the Nollywood industry, she was mentored under someone who was an authority at the time. Her own mentor was Duro Ladipo.

At the time she was under the mentorship of Duro Ladipo, dramas hadn’t gone digital: most dramas were delivered on stage. She was a promising student and was favoured by Duro Ladipo.

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Iya Gbokan Career

The name Iya Gbonkan is an household name; a name that draws applause throughout Nollywood. But how did the name Iya Gbonkan came into being?

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Her stage name came from one of her most popular movies in which she [like on many occasions before and after that] acted as a callous leader of an occult.

In the movie, she was portrayed as a witch and a mother who fed on the blood of her children. She nailed the character and has since been nicknamed Iya Gbonkan ever since.

Iya Gbokan Place of birth

Margaret Bamidele Olayinka alias Iya Gbonkan was born in Itesiwaju LGA, in Otu town of Oyo State. Her own mother is a native of Iseyin in the same state (Oyo).

Iya Gbonkan State of Origin

Iya Gbonkan hails from Oyo State. This is in addition to the fact that she was born there. She also lived a sizable portion of her early life in this South Western state.

Iya Gbokan Date Of Birth

Iya Gbonkan

Margaret Bamidele Olayinka AKA Iya Gbonkan was born on the 14th of September, 1958. Her birth was two years before Nigeria became an independent nation.

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Iya Gbokan Age

As at the time of writing this article, we can confirm that the veteran actress is 63 years old.

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Iya Gbokan Net Worth

How much is Iya Gbonkan worth? After several calculations and after considering her properties, we estimate that Iya Gbonkan is worth $50,000 US Dollars.

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