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Olukoni/Paul D Good Guy bio, age, wife, girlfriend | Wikipedia [Updated 2022]

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Olukoni comedian

In today’s article, I’ll be talking about Paul D good Guy aka Olukoni. The information in this article will cut across several topics including but not limited to:

  • Paul D Good Guy Biography, 
  • Paul D Good Guy Children
  • Paul D Good Guy Nationality
  • Paul D Good Guy Age
  • Paul D Good Guy Family and parents
  • Paul D Good Guy Religion
  • Paul D Good Guy Relationship
  • Paul D Good Guy Full Name
  • Paul D Good Guy Height
  • Paul D Good Guy Weight
  • Paul D Good Guy Net Worth
  • Paul D Good Guy Married
  • Paul D Good Guy Tattoo
  • Paul D Good Guy Instagram
  • Paul D Good Guy Tiktok
  • Paul D Good Guy Ethnicity
  • Paul D Good Guy Date Of Birth
  • Paul D Good Guy Real Name
  • Paul D Good Guy Profession/Occupation
  • Paul D Good Guy Youtube
  • Paul D Good Guy Eye colour
  • Paul D Good Guy Hometown

So, let us get started with this knowledge profile of Paul D Good Guy/ Olukoni, shall we?

Olukoni Paul D Good Guy

Who is Paul D good guy/Olukoni?

Paul D Good Guy, otherwise known by his nickname Olukoni, is a comedian and social media sensation whose comedy centres on mimicry of Jesus Christ.

His style of comedy, which involves mimicry of the voice of the Yoruba translated Jesus the Christ movie has won him many fans.

Olukoni comedian

A quite unique style, Olukoni’s style of comedy allows people to see Jesus as a Rabbi (translated into Yoruba as Olukoni) in a new light. It makes people imagine Jesus as a Nigerian leading disciples and trying to teach them his ways. Of course, the results are hilarious.

I am sure you are very much interested in getting to know this fellow so we will now talk about his biography.

Olukoni AKA Paul D Good Guy Biography

Paul D Good Guy or Olukoni is an award winning Master of Ceremony (MC) and comedian who is popular for his short YouTube skits that centre on the Nigerian perception of Jesus.

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Segun Paul laughing

His real name is Segun Paul hence the Instagram username, Paul D Good Guy. His comedy skits is where the popular street phrase “Oshey Olorun mi Opoor“, originated from.

I will be talking about him more specifically in concurrent sections.

Paul D Good Guy Ambassadorship Deals

Being a celebrity loved by fans across Nigeria,  Olukoni is an influencer and the ambassador of several top brands. He has an whole list of them but here are the top three:

  • ELUKAS TRAVELS AND TOURS @elukastravels on
  • QUEEN’S EXTRA SECRET @queens_extrasecret on
  • Glowsecret_NaturalSkincare
    @glowsecret_naturalskincare Instagram.

Paul D Good Guy/ Olukoni Age

Unfortunately, Segun Paul’s penchant for been private online prevents us from knowing his exact age. However, he has dropped several hints and this all point to one conclusion: Paul D Good Guy/ Olukoni is likely 26 years old.

He celebrates his birthday on every June 11 so we are at least sure that he was born on that day.

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Paul D Good Guy aka Olukoni state of origin, Ethnicity and Nationality

Paul D Good Guy hails from Ekiti state in Southwest Nigeria. You would probably have noticed his accented Yoruba in some of his skits. His ethnicity is therefore Nigerian Yoruba.

He is also a citizen of Nigeria by birth. So I guess we all know his nationality and ethnicity now.

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Paul D Good Guy aka Olukoni Height and Weight

He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and probably weights between 75 and 80 Kg.

Paul D Good Guy/ Olukoni Education

Segun Paul is the graduate of a polytechnic. He is an SSCE certificate holder and has attended and graduated from a tertiary institution. We are not sure what the name of the tertiary institution is as Segun has never mentioned it in his interviews or skits but we are sure it is a polytechnic.

Paul D Good Guy/ Olukoni Girlfriend: is he married perhaps?

Segun Paul is not married at the moment but we can confirm he is in a relationship. His Instagram page is littered with couple pictures of him and this lady whose name he has kept hidden from us.

Olukoni Girlfriend

You can see some of their lovable pictures here. They look very much in love.

Olukoni Girlfriend

Does Olukoni have tattoos?

No, he doesn’t. He has a tattoo-free body. Having a tattoo might ruin his image of a mimicry of Jesus anyway, it would be weird to see a tattooed Jesus you know.

Paul D Good Guy aka Olukoni Net Worth

Being a famous comedian, Paul the Good Guy aka Olukoni is very rich and is worth quite some bucks.

He is estimated as having a total net worth of $25,000 US Dollars. That is quite high for comedians who are fairly new to the comedy industry.

That is all there is to know about Segun Paul. You can ask any questions bothering you in the comments section, we’ll be sure to reply as soon as we get them.

Please comment and share this article. See you on our next blog post.

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