Meet All Of Susan Sarandon’s 8 Siblings

Susan Sarandon, the oldest of nine siblings, recalls having a lot of responsibility. The actress, on the other hand, said that stepping up as a big sister prepared her for a career in show business and that she can still rely on her brothers and sisters.

Susan Sarandon grew up in New York with her parents and eight siblings. The actress described being a tiny girl who irritated everyone before stepping up and caring for her younger siblings.

Susan Sarandon’s brothers and sisters are now all adults. Some have married and had kids, while others have followed in the footsteps of their older sister.

Late Terry Tomalin Was One of Susan Sarandon’s Siblings

Susan’s parents could only afford camping trips in the wildness of New York and New Jersey when she was a kid. Her late brother Terry’s love of the outdoors was influenced by these travels.

He was a renounced outdoorsman who had lived with witch doctors in the Amazonian wilderness, travelled to Cuba, swam around Key West, and always found time to go fishing, even if it was at 4 a.m. before work as an outdoors editor.

Unfortunately, Terry died in 2016 at the age of 55 while visiting the North Shore Aquatic Centre in St. Petersburg with his then-14-year-old son Kai. A memorial webpage for Terry’s favourite 20-foot Old Town wooden boat was established in his honour a few years after his death. His wife stated:

“We are heartbroken. He adored us. He adored his family, and we adored him.”

Phillip L. Tomalin Jr. is one of Susan Sarandon’s siblings who entered the entertainment industry after her.

While his older sister built a reputation for herself in front of the camera, Phillip L. Tomalin Jr. has worked as an extra crew member for many years.

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Phillip has worked behind the scenes on “Thelma & Louise,” co-starring his older sister and Geena Davis, “Storyville,” starring James Spader, and many other films since completing his schooling at Windham College and Hudson University.

Phillip stated in 2022 that he needed a liver transplant for unspecified health reasons and celebrated the day he got the call with good news. He went on Facebook and posted:

“On this date in 2018, it was a Tuesday. I was sitting here thinking about what I needed to pack since I had just received a call to come to Mount Sinai because they had a new liver for me. “My cats were wondering what was going on.”

Phillip explained that he had ”help me, I fall, and I can’t get up’ buttons’ anytime he needed assistance and playfully recounted one of his false alarms a few months after receiving his liver transplant.

Susan Sarandon’s Sibling Meredith Tomalin Carroll Proved She Is a Woman of Many Trades

Meredith, unlike several of her siblings, does not live in the public spotlight or in the film industry. She was a professional hairstylist and designer in Virginia for thirteen years before working as a hostess at Sierra Grille for over a decade.

Meredith previously worked as a real estate agent in Florence, Massachusetts, for three years before changing careers and going into floristry.

She has been the Floral Designer and Manager at a floral business in Massachusetts since 2019. Meredith has been married to her husband, Jon Carroll, for nearly ten years outside of her professional life. The pair married in September 2001.

O’Brian Tomalin, Susan Sarandon’s younger brother, is a talented writer who has collaborated with Ed Nelson

Susan talked up on being the eldest of nine siblings in 2014, revealing that while the role came with a lot of responsibility, it was for the best. She revealed:

“Being at the top gave me a lot of responsibility, which was good because I was spacey and always daydreaming.”

O’Brian Tomalin, the actress’s younger brother, has worked as a writer in the film industry since the 1970s. In 1976, he co-wrote “Acapulco Gold,” a film starring Marjoe Gortner, Robert Lansing, and Ed Nelson.

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The following year, O’Brian penned “Dogs,” which starred David McCallum in the picture about a group of canines who go on a killing rampage.

O’Brian, like his sister Meredith, is a jack of all crafts, having previously owned a restaurant. O’Brian is a family man in addition to being a skilled writer and restaurant owner. He and his wife, Meghan Tomalin, have two children.

Missy Tomalin Hier, Susan’s sibling Who Is A Hairstylist

Missy Tomalin Hier, Susan’s sister, works as a hairstylist at Ronnie Elias Salon. Missy is only the mother of two children, although coming from a large family. The hairstylist and her husband welcomed their son and daughter, Nora Cotter Luhring.

Missy took to Facebook to celebrate her son’s birthday in September 2021, writing, “A day late! My one and only attractive son! “Happy Father’s Day!”

Bonnie Tomalin Lyons Who Works For New Brunswick City Government

Bonnie is another of Susan’s siblings who did not pursue a career in show business. She now works for the New Brunswick City Government after attending Marymount University.

Bonnie’s parents announced her engagement to William Joseph Lyons in 1970. Bonnie and her fiance went to high school and college together before he enlisted in the army.

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Bonnie’s parents came from small families and were “overwhelmed” by caring for so many children, according to her older sister. Susan and Bonnie’s father died at the age of 82, and the actress remarked of her connection with her mother:

“I didn’t have a good relationship with my mum, but I think it would kill her if I went into it.”

Amanda Tomalin Sherman Became a Widow in 2011

Susan’s sister Amanda lost a loved one in 2011 when her husband died after a fight with cancer.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Amanda’s late husband, Bob Sherman, was the vice president of New York radio station WNBC and was recognised for turning the station around by employing legendary broadcaster and media personality Howard Stern. Aside from the fact that she and Bob had children, little is known about Amanda’s life.

Tim Tomalin

Susan Sarandon, who went from being a “spacey and always daydreaming” young kid to an award-winning actress, explained that even if her siblings are spread across the country, she can still rely on them to babysit her children when she works the same way they rely on her. The “Stepmom” actress revealed:

“Most of my brothers and sisters have told me that they looked up to me as a mother figure.”

Tim is another member of the huge Tomalin family. Tim’s life, like that of the most of his siblings, is shrouded in mystery. He has been a student at Kent State University since 1967, two years after he met his wife, Christine Fedorka Tomalin, according to his Facebook page.