Damian Musk: All you need to know About The Triplet Son of Elon Musk

Damian Musk is well-known as one of Elon Musk’s sons, the world’s most successful business tycoon. His father is also the first person on the planet to have a net worth greater than $300 billion. Musk, known for his innovative ideas, amassed the aforementioned fortune primarily as the founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla, Inc.

In addition to his enormous success in business, the world’s richest man is extremely hesitant when it comes to his children. As a result, it is understandable that many people are interested in learning about the lives of his six sons. However, in this article, we will only look into Damian’s private life.

Damian Musk

So, let’s learn about Damian’s education, his love of the piano, and many other fascinating facts.

Damian Musk Age and Childhood Details

He is one of three triplets born to Elon Musk and his first wife, Justine Musk. Damian and his two brothers, Saxon and Kai Musk, were born on January 1, 2006, in Los Angeles, California. In terms of age, the triplets brothers are 16 as of 2022.

Damian musk mother and father, Justina and Elon musk

After his mother’s firstborn son, Nevada Alexander Musk (Damian’s oldest brother), died, she made the decision to have her child only through IVF. He was only ten weeks old when the tragedy occurred. In an article for Marieclaire.com, she discussed her decision in detail. “Instead, I buried my feelings, coping with Nevada’s death with my first visit to an IVF clinic less than two months later.” Elon and I intended to conceive again as soon as possible.”

Within the next five years, the then-married couple became parents to five children.

Damian has how many siblings?

Damian, as previously stated, is one of the trio brothers of triplets, along with Saxon and Kai Musk. Musk also has twin older brothers named Griffin Musk and Xavier Musk. In 2004, they were also conceived through in vitro fertilization.

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Damian musk with Elon musk

Damian also has a half-brother named X A-Xii, who was born in May 2020 as a result of his father’s relationship with Canadian musician Grimes.

How Did His Brother Pass Away?

Damian’s parents experienced a terrible family tragedy when their infant son Nevada died in 2002. He was only ten weeks old at the time.

Justin stated in her previous article that her baby was sleeping when he suddenly stopped breathing. He had gone too long without oxygen and was brain-dead by the time paramedics arrived to resuscitate him. They quickly put him on life support in an Orange County hospital, where Nevada stayed for three days before his parents took him off.

SIDS were the cause of his death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Damian Musk’s education: Where does he go to school?

Damian’s school life is very different from that of other teenagers. While most teenagers attend a public high school, Damian attends a private school run by his father.

Damian Musk is now enrolled at Ad Astra, an innovative school founded in 2014 by his father Musk and a former teacher named Joshua Dahn. Musk established it to educate his own children as well as the children of SpaceX employees.

And the main reason for starting such a unique educational system is to teach children based on their own abilities. In a 2015 interview in Beijing, China, the billionaire stated,

“In fact, there are no qualifications; rather than treating school as an assembly line, I believe it makes more sense to attend to education that matches your skills and student abilities.”

Elon stated in the same speech that he does not agree with the separation of children based on their ages. As a result, at his own school, students ranging in age from 7 to 20 are never separated based on their age.

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In addition, Elon stated in a live interview on the audio app Clubhouse that his children “were mostly educated by YouTube and Reddit.”

Ad Astra’s curriculum is heavily focused on Artificial Intelligence, design, and coding. Music and sports, on the other hand, will not be seen at the school. According to reports, the school has more than 40 students as of 2022.

Ad Astra was created in the former estate of actor Gene Wilder in Bel-Air, Los Angeles. However, Musk sold the property in October 2020. As a result, it is currently unclear where the school is located.

Damian Musk enjoys playing the piano

Damian Musk is a big fan of the piano. The news about Damian’s interest in piano spread after a Twitter user named Kristennetten posted a video of Damian playing piano for the elderly in February 2021. Kirsten, on the other hand, wrote incorrectly that Saxon was playing the musical instrument. Later, Elon responded to the video, claiming that it was actually Damian.

Damian Musk’s parents share custody of their five children equally.

His parents, Elon and Justin, met for the first time when they were both in college. Justin was only 18 at the time of their first meeting, while Musk was 19.

Justin once stated that Musk was after her and would repeatedly ask her to leave. But she would always say no. It continued until they ended up living together in a Bay Area apartment with three other roommates.

The couple exchanged vows in January 2000 for their wedding. For years, they had a happy marriage. However, things did not last long between the two, and they divorced in September 2008. Musk and his ex-wife Justin have shared joint custody of their five children since their divorce was finalized.

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His Upbringing as the Son of a Super-Rich Father

Damian has undoubtedly lived a lavish life beyond our wildest dreams as the first generation of one of the world’s richest men. During his father’s extensive business trip, he also had the opportunity to travel to many exotic countries all over the world.

But, in the meantime, Damian’s father has instituted discipline in his household and enshrined some specific rules to keep his children in good shape.

Damian Musk Net Worth

Damian, as the son of such a wealthy father, lives an extravagant lifestyle, as previously stated. His net worth, on the other hand, has yet to be determined.

In comparison to his father’s fortune, Musk has a total net worth of $242 billion as of 2022. He became a billionaire for the first time in 2012, with a fortune of $2 billion.

Is Damian Musk dating someone?

Damian, like many other star kids, has kept his life away from the spotlight. He has never used any social media handles and has never made a single public appearance. The same could be said for Musk’s love life, as he has never disclosed his relationship.

As a result, as of 2022, determining whether Damian, 16, is dating a girlfriend is difficult.

Damian’s Quick Facts

  • He is an American with three nationalities.
  • Damian is of mixed ethnicity.
  • Errol Musk, his paternal grandfather, is also an engineer and pilot. Maye Musk, his paternal grandmother, is a model.


  1. Damian Musk was born in 2006 and shared his birthday with his brothers Saxon and Kai. He is age 13 as of 2019.
  2. Damian had an elder brother named Nevada who passes away at the age of 10 weeks due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  3. His parents filed a divorce and got separated in 2008.

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