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Donnel Carter, son of Jimmy Carter bio, age net worth | Wikipedia [Updated 2022]

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Recent picture of Donnel Jeff Carter

Hello folks! Welcome to iamNG, the people’s blog. In this article, I will be talking about Jimmy Carter’s son, Donnel Carter.

Recent picture of Donnel Jeff Carter

The information contained in this article will cut across several topics which might interest you, our readers and answer many of your questions about Donnel Carter. They are as follows:

  • Donnel Carter Wikipedia
  • Donnel Carter age
  • Donnel Carter son of Jimmy Carter
  • Donnel Carter married
  • Donnel Carter and Annette Carter
  • Donnel Jeffrey Carter
  • Donnel Carter net worth
  • Is Donnel Carter still alive?

Let us now start this knowledge profile of Donnel Carter, shall we?

Who is Donnel Carter?

Donnel Carter is the son of the ex-president of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter. His father, Jimmy Carter (or James Earl Carter Junior) is the 39th president of the United States. We cannot talk about Donnel without talking about his father.

Jimmy Carter served as the president of the United States of America from 1977 to 1981; that is a period of 4 years. He had previously served in the position of the governor of Georgia; he was the state’s 76th governor.

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Before that, he had served as a Senator in the same state of Georgia for a period of 4 years: between 1963 to 1967. He was a member of the Democratic Party throughout much of his political career.

Donnel Jeff Carter as a young man

Jimmy Carter’s son, Jeff as he attended a picnic on the lawn of Gracie Mansion, the residence of the New York City’s mayors, on July 14, 1976. His father was picked as the Democratic Party’s choice for President later that night.

Now back to Donnel Carter: the man is the second son of Jimmy Carter. He has three siblings: male and female. We shall discuss more about this in subsequent section.

Donnel Carter Siblings

Don is the second child in a family of six featuring:

  • Jimmy Carter (father)
  • Rosalynn Carter (mother)
  • Jack Carter (the eldest son of the Carter family)
  • Donnel Carter 
  • James Carter (the youngest son but not the last member of the family)
  • Amy Carter (the only female sibling of Donnel)

All except Amy Carter were grown when Jimmy Carter was elected president. When Jim Carter assumed office and his place in the White House, Amy was only nine years old. 

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Donnel Carter Age

Donnel Carter is 69 years old. He was born in August, 1952 in New London, Connecticut. The exact date of his birth is unknown at the moment but be rest assured that we will update this section of the knowledge profile with it once we are sure of a date. 

Donnel Carter family and wife

Donnel Carter Education

He attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. In this University, he studied Geography where he graduated with honours.

Major Achievements of Donnel Carter

Donnel Carter has very few achievements and surprisingly, most of them manage to stay hidden from the media.

We know, thanks to Business Insider, that he co-founded Computer Mapping Consultants in 1978. His company later became a consultancy for the World Bank in 1978 before collapsing some years later.

donnel jeffrey jeff carter pele
There are no recent photos of Jeff Carter. He is seen in 1977 presenting an award to soccer superstar Pele.

As seen in the image above, Donnel Jeff Carter has once presented an award to football’s biggest superstar, Pele. This too is one of his achievements.

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Is Donnel Carter Married?

Of course yes! Donnel Carter is married to Annette Jene Carter. They got married in 1975. Together, they raised a family consisting of three children:

  • Joshua Jeffrey (born in 1984),
  • Jeremy Davis (born in 1987),
  • James Carlton (born in 1991).
Annette Carter

Young photo of Annette Jene Carter, wife of Donnel Carter

Annette Jene Carter died last year, in September 19, 2021. At that time, she was 68 years old. The cause of death was not made known publicly.

Is Donnel Carter still alive?

Yes, there have been no reports contrary to this. It is safe to say that Donnel Carter is very much alive and not dead.

That is all there is to know about Donnel Carter, son of ex-president of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter.

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