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Clare Sarah Branson: The Secrets Behind Her Death That You Don’t Know

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Clare Sarah Branson's mother: Joan Templeman and Richard Branson

In this article, I’ll be talking about Clare Sarah Branson, the late daughter of Richard Branson and Joan Templeman.

The information in this article will cut across several topics related to:

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Let us get down to business, shall we?

Who is Clare Sarah Branson?

Clare Sarah Branson is the late daughter of Richard Branson and Joan Templeman. She died when she was just four days old.

Clare Sarah Branson's mother: Joan Templeman and Richard Branson

HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 16: Sir Richard Branson and wife Joan Templeman attend the ceremony honoring Sir Richard Branson with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 16, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Her father, Richard, is a business mogul, an investor and entrepreneur who is the founder of the famous Virgin Group.

Virgin Group, owned by Clare Sarah Branson’s father, controls over 400 companies in several fields. The Group is so successful and controls may business lines in Britain and several parts of Europe.

Clare Sarah Branson Age

At the time of her death, Clare was four days ago. Had she survived, she would be 43 years old now.

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Clare Sarah Branson Cause of Death

Clare Sarah Branson was born in 1979 to happily married parents. Her multi millionaire dad, Richard Branson, was especially ecstatic. She was their first daughter and the family was very happy to welcome her to the world.

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Unfortunately, she was born 3 months before she was expected in the world. Her birth was premature and she spent four days before she died. The cause of her death, as declared, was respiratory failure.

After Clare died, she was buried in a mass grave along with several babies who had also died prematurely. Usually, only stillborns who lived for a few hours are buried in the mass grave Clare was buried in.

In the opinion of Elizabeth Massey, a member of the Inverness branch of Stillborn and Neo-Natal Deaths Society, Clare Sarah Branson shouldn’t have been buried in a mass grave.

Usually parents of a child who survives for a few days decide to have their own service and bury their child in the normal way.

“I am quite surprised that a child of four days old is buried in the plot.

Clare was buried in a slightly secluded spot in the mass graveyard. It was a difficult one to take for the family.

Her Parents Reaction To Her Death

When Clare Branson died, Richard and Joan could hardly take it. They were so devastated and sadden by the news.

In particular, Richard Branson was very sadden by the news. He recalls how the whole incident happens.

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The birth of their daughter, Holly Branson and their son, Sam, some few years later helped them recover from the loss.

Clare Sarah Branson family

Clare Sarah Branson could-have-been family: Joan Templeman, Richard Branson and their children: Holly and Sam

Till date, Richard and Joan haven’t visited the grave of their daughter but, although it suggests so, that does not necessarily mean they have forgotten her.

How Clare Sarah Branson Died

Narrating the whole incident, Richard said: “Although we were told our baby was technically a miscarriage, I was able to hold her hand as she lay in an incubator and it was very human. These are the kind of memories I will keep in my mind forever.”

Joan Templeman was not scheduled to have her baby delivered until 3 months later but an appendicitis scare prompted an operation. It was during this operation that she began to feel like the baby would come.

The labour came early and she was delivered of Clare. She was kept in an incubator but four days later, she died of respiratory failure.

They couldn’t have a proper burial for her because categorically, she was classified as a miscarriage but a little service at the Catholic Church they attended was held in her honour. The church let them out a plaque in her name.

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