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Sigmond Galloway: Juicy secrets about Mahalia Jackson’s ex-husband

Sigmond Galloway Mahalia Jackson

Sigmond Galloway, born in Wetumpka, Elmore County, Alabama on May 18, 1922, is an American jazz musician. His status as Mahalia Jackson’s ex-husband made him famous. Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson is one of the most popular American gospel singers of all time.

Sigmond Galloway Profile and Wiki-bio

Name: Sigmond Galloway
Nickname: Sigmond
Profession(s): jazz musician
Famous for: Mahalia Jackson’s Husband
Physical Stats
Gender: Male
Weight (approx.): N/A
Height (approx.): Average
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black
Personal Life
Date of Birth: 18 May 1922
Age (at death): 50 years
Birthplace: Alabama, United States
Death Date: 18 May 1972
Death Place: Gary, Lake, Indiana, US
Zodiac sign: N/A
Nationality: American
Hometown: Gary, Lake, Indiana, US
Ethnicity: African-American
Father : Randolph Galloway
Mother: N/A
Sister: N/A
Brother: N/A
Wife & Marriage
Marital Status: Divorce
Marriage Date: 1965
Wife/Spouse: Mahalia Jackson
Divorced date: 1967
Networth & Money
Salary N/A
Income Source Musician
Networth (approx.) N/A

Sigmond Galloway’s Marriage To Mahalia Jackson

In 1964, Sigmond Galloway met his ex-wife Mahalia Jackson through mutual friends. They met during a time when Jackson’s schedule and work were extremely hectic. They had only known each other for a short time before marrying.

Sigmond Galloway Mahalia JacksonJackson had many friends, family, and colleagues, but she still felt lonely, so she turned to Sigmond for comfort. They began courting soon after and married after a short time. To the surprise of all her friends and family, Jackson’s wedding took place in her living room.

What Caused Their Divorce?

Mahalia Jackson experienced the effects and symptoms of a heart condition beginning in 1952. Her European tour had to be postponed at the time, and she is still suffering over ten years later. Her doctors discovered that she had had a heart attack and that Sarcoidosis had spread to her heart.

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She found out about this after checking herself into a hospital due to persistent coughing. This happened one night, a few weeks after her wedding, as she was driving home from a concert in St. Louis.

Mrs. Jackson and her doctors withheld the true facts from the public. The public diagnosis was that she was tired and had heart strain. Unfortunately, her symptoms worsened and she was unable to participate in tours. She needed a full year to recover completely.

Mahalia lost about 23kg of weight during her recovery and became extremely frail. This irritated her because she believed she was incapable of doing certain things. The most heartbreaking aspect of her recovery was that she had to spend it alone. Sigmond was rarely present and available during her recovery year. In addition to his unreliability, he dismissed his wife’s symptoms, claiming they were all in her head.

To make matters worse, Galloway attempted to take over management duties from Jackson’s promoters and agents. Knowing how inept he was, it was difficult to understand his motivation. This led to arguments between the couple, and Jackson’s husband attempted to be physically violent on two occasions. In the second attempt, the jazz musician broke his hand. Mahalia ducked as he threw his hand at her, colliding with a piece of furniture.

This was the beginning of the end of their marriage. Jackson announced that she and Sigmond were divorcing. In order to embarrass her by washing their dirty linen in public, her husband insisted on a divorce proceeding. This decision, ironically, backfired on him, exposing his infidelity. The court then ruled in Mrs. Jackson’s favor and denied him remuneration for Mahalia’s properties and assets.

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Three years after their marriage, they finally finished the case and divorced in 1967.

Other Information About Sigmond Galloway And His Marriage To Mahalia Jackson

1. His music career did not appear to have lasted long.

Sigmond Galloway Minters, born in Northern Indiana in 1923, was a jazz musician. He reportedly had a career as a jazz musician, but it appears that his career ended before 1964.

He was working in the construction industry when he met his ex-wife Mahalia. He was still living in Gary, Indiana, but his musical path had changed at the time.

2. His ex-wife was previously married

The gospel singer had been married and divorced before marrying the jazz singer. In 1936, Mahalia married Isaac Hockenhull, a college-educated entrepreneur.

Marriage to Isaac proved to be a bad idea for Mahalia and her life’s purpose, as he advised her to give up her gospel songs and dedication to the church. Isaac wanted Jackson to start singing more secular songs, but she refused. This refusal served as the foundation for their eventual fallout. They divorced five years after their wedding, in 1941.

3. His Wife Was Close Friends With Martin Luther King

Mahalia Jackson with Martin Luther King Jr

In 1956, the ‘Queen of Gospel Music’ met with Martin Luther King, a famous radical activist of the twentieth century. That year, they met for the first time at the National Baptist Convention.

Mahalia and Martin continued to meet at other events and occasions, where Martin recounted a dream that later became an integral part of his famous speech. He eventually asked Mahalia to accompany him to civil rights demonstrations. This she did and became an undeniable factor in his famous speech on August 28, 1963.

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She was the one who encouraged him to speak about his dream in front of the Lincoln Memorial that day, despite the fact that it was not part of his speech. Mahalia got him to talk about the dream when she asked him at the top of her voice from the crowd. This not only altered the course of his speech, but also gave birth to one of the most powerful speeches ever delivered.

They continued to collaborate closely and fulfilled each other’s requests as needed.

4. Did Sigmond and Jackson have children?

Mahalia Jackson did not have any children. Neither with the ex-jazz musician nor her first husband. She had health issues that prevented her from having children. Jackson had to have a hysterectomy due to her fibrosis and sarcoidosis, so she couldn’t have children of her own.

5. The Death of His Ex-Wife

Mahalia Jackson, Sigmond Galloway’s ex-wife and the Queen of Gospel Music, died of a heart attack. Many people were shocked when she died on January 27, 1972. Even though her illness was widely known, she continued to perform at concerts, so no one knew how serious her condition was.

Mahalia Jackson died five years after her divorce from Sigmond.


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