Yulanda Wilkins, Tyler Perry’s Sister: Secrets You Don’t Know About Her

Yulanda Wilkins is a celebrity sister of Tyler Perry. Her brother has been working closely with Gelila Bekele since 2009. She hasn’t revealed her source of income, but her brother, Tyler Perry, is worth $1 billion.

Quick Facts About Yulanda Wilkins

Profession Celebrity Sister
Full Name Yulanda Wilkins
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Marital Status Unknown
Relationship History No
Net Worth Unknown
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Blonde
Twitter Link

Yulanda Wilkins Biography

Yulanda Wilkins is an ordinary woman who is not famous in her own right. However, she is the well-known actor Tyler Perry’s celebrity sister. He is a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor.

Yulanda Wilkins

Perry created and portrays Madea, a scheming elderly woman. His films range from documentary to video stagings of live stage performances.

Relationship Status of Yulanda’s Brother

Although little is known about Yulanda on the internet, her brother Tyler is a wealthy businessman. To recap, the man has been in a committed partnership with Gelila Bekele since 2009.

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For over a decade, the couple has been rumored to be dating. Gelila is a self-sufficient woman who moonlights as a model and filmmaker.

In addition, the lady takes on the role of an activist. In 2007, the couple met at a Prince concert. Even though the length of their relationship is unknown, the man did not marry the lady.

Wilkins’ Brother Receives Unexpected News

Despite the fact that Gelila and Tyler have not married, they have a son named Aman Tyler Perry. Their son was born after they had been dating for five years.

So Bekele Facetimed him and showed him the pregnancy test results, which revealed that he was pregnant. Furthermore, the artist has stated that there is no one else for him other than her because she is exceptional.

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Is Tyler a Good Father Or a Good Husband?

On social media, the man stated that he is single and looking forward to the next chapter of his life. They are, however, parents, and the former couple has chosen to remain excellent friends despite their divorce.

The couple has the same desire to be the best version of themselves for their son Aman. The musician went on to say that he would make an excellent father and husband.

Wilkins’ Children

Yulanda’s parents’ names are Emmitt Perry, Sr. and Willie Perry. Yulanda Wilkins is the youngest of three siblings.

The actor is one of the highest-paid actors in the industry, demonstrating his immense talent. The man, in addition to being a film director and actor, works in the same industry as Tyler.

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Yulanda has appeared in films such as No More Games, Two Is Better Than One, and Every Family Has Issues.

Wilkins’ Difficult Childhood

Tyler’s life was not the same as it is now. Tyler was a young boy who faced a difficult situation. He tried to commit suicide once. Yes, you read that correctly.

He had followed the activity to avoid his father’s smacks. When his mother and Tyler noticed this, they went to church. When he was sixteen, he changed his first name to Tyler.

Yulanda’s Net Worth

The public has been kept in the dark about the famous sister’s personal life. She has also not disclosed her source of income.

Yulanda Wilkins

Tyler Perry, her brother, is worth a billion dollars. He is a wealthy actor in Hollywood.

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