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There are thousands of online jobs littered across the internet. Social media, for example, and in particular Facebook is a place where we encounter many ads daily. Most of these ads revolve around the same business model: the promise to help you realize unlimited income.

One of such trending online jobs which as usual promises to reward one with steady income is PAYMATH. But what is Paymath? In this article, we will do justice to that question.

The information in this article will provide answers to topics like:

  • PayMath log in 
  • login
  • PayMath online program
  • PayMath sign in
  • PayMath logo
  • PayMath how to register
  • PayMath activation code and membership fee
  • PayMath earnings
  • PayMath upline username and password
  • PayMath dashboard

Paymath description: What is Paymath encoder?

Paymath or Paymath encoder is an app that pays users (or to be more specific workers) for solving math questions. It Is an online earning program where you solve for math problems to accumulate points. These points can then be converted into US Dollars.

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Several people have published testimonies of how they earned from the app. We have seen a lot of members posting their earnings on social media in order to entice people to join the movement.

A lot of people are interested because we are in period of economic instability thanks to an epidemic that occured some while ago. Many who lost their jobs during this period believe this is a way to make extra cash to support themselves. Who doesn’t want to make some bucks?

Because of this seemingly enticing opportunity, there have been several questions asked online about whether Paymath-online program is legit or scam. We, at iamNG, will review this and give you our honest verdict.

How to earn money on Paymath? How does Paymath works?

As I stated earlier, Paymath-online program is a program and app that allows you to put your math problem solving skills into use. In order words, it creates a platform where you can earn money from solving math problems. Think of all the math problems you have solved without receiving a dime! You should have bought a house by now if you were on Paymath.

On Paymath-online program, every math problem you solve is converted into points. These points can be redeemed for US Dollars cash. To give you an idea of how much you can make, note that one thousand (1000) points can be used to redeem 1 US Dollars.

Another way to make money on Paymath is to refer or invite people to the platform. For every invite or referral you successfully make, you will receive 100 US Dollars.

That is how to make money on Paymath. Let us head over to the next section.

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PayMath Rate Per Answers

For every math question you answer correctly on PayMath, you get 1 point. This points can be accumulated over time until you arrive at 1000 points. But that is not the amount you need before you can withdraw. We will discuss more lengthily on this in coming sections.

PayMath rate per correctly answered question is 1 point and 1 point equals 0.001 US Dollars. 

PayMath Point equivalent

On PayMath, 1 point= 0.001$

Just as you have seen above, One point is equal to 0.001$ (0.001 US Dollars). In the same line, 1000 points will give you 1 Dollar.

PayMath Official sign up and registration: How can I sign up/join Paymath?

The official website of this program is This is where you log in and equally the place where you sign up should you want to join Paymath and earn money.

However, there is a slight difficulty when it comes to signing up or registering on Paymath. You cannot just go to website and click some buttons to sign up, you need to have been invited. This means membership is invite-only. To join the program, it is compulsory for you to be on a downline.

If you really want to join Paymath, you need an upline: a person who has already joined Paymath. This is very important as the form for signing up or registering needs you to provide an activation code which you can only get from your upline. You will also be required to input your upline username. review: Is Designshu legit or scam?

So joining Paymath requires you to join yourself to an upline. Goodluck finding one!

Paymath Login: How to login to PayMath

How to Paymath Login
How to Login
  • Head over to the PayMath Login page by clicking the official link:
  • Enter your email or password, and Click on Submit. The login screen will appear once you have successfully logged in.
  • Done, You have successfully logged in to your PayMath Account.

Do I need a laptop to work and earn on Paymath?


No, you do not. According to Paymath, you can work and earn using either your smartphone, laptop or your PC. The program works in all of these devices.

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How to cash out your Paymath earnings

There are several payment methods should you want to withdraw/cash out your money or earnings from Paymath. The options for withdrawing/cashing out on Paymath are:

  • PayMaya
  • Smart Padala
  • GCASH.

You can also withdraw/cash out via bank payment but this method discourages users as it is subject to approval.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Paymath?

As I have stated many times in this article, there is no amount of money you can’t earn on Paymath, the earning potential is more or less unlimited. However, the minimum withdrawal amount on Paymath is $120 US Dollars. You need this amount in your Paymath account before you can withdraw anything.

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Paymath membership fee: is there a membership fee?

Yes, there is a membership fee you need to pay before you can officially become a Paymath member. Before you join Paymath, you need to deposit or pay 530 Pesos: that is the equivalent of 11 US Dollars.

The membership fee for Paymath is one time: that means you do not need to pay it more than once.

So what happens to your membership fee? Does it go away like that? Well, on successfully becoming a Paymath member, you will automatically receive 28% of your membership fee. By calculations, that amount is 150 Pesos. In reality, you only pay about 350 Pesos as a membership fee since you get 150 pesos on successful registration.

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PayMath without Upline: Is it possible?

The answer is No! It is not possible to sign up for PayMath without having an upline. That is how the system is created and has been operated since its creation.

You might see many websites online that promise you that you can be registered without having an upline but this is far from the truth. It is impossible.

Free PayMath upline username and password

Are there free PayMath upline details you can use? Apparently there are some sites advertising this. If it is possible, we cannot tell.

You can check out free PayMath upline username and password here.

How to earn on Paymath: how to use Paymath?

There are two main ways to earn on the Paymath-online program:

  • Math solving
  • And by referring or inviting new members.

1. Math solving

In this earning method, all you need to do is solve a basic math problem. You can get these math problems in your dashboard.

Are you afraid of encountering math problems you cannot solve? Well, you need not worry. The math problems you will encounter are simple: so simple a child could solve them. You will find questions on addition, subtraction and multiplication.

So how much do I get for every math problem you solve? For every math problem you solve, you get 1 point. Remember that you need to accumulate 1000 points to make 1 US Dollars. 1 US is around 52 Pesos.

2. Referring new members to the platform

For every new member you invite to the platform, you earn 20 US Dollars (this is around 500 Pesos). Each member needs to be registered via your downlink.

You will also earn through pairing/matching rewards.

The payment encoding, has no ban, limit compared to other systems. It is also unlimited solving, and low encash rate.

PayMath multiple accounts

Will PayMath penalize me for having more than one account? The answer is no, Paymath will not penalize you for having multiple accounts.

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In fact, it doesn’t matter to them whether you have two or three accounts. You cannot cheat the system: you having two accounts means you will have to pay the membership fee twice so it is not feasible to have multiple PayMath accounts.

PayMath Cheat: Can you cheat the system?

No. I have mentioned this more than once in this article, you cannot cheat PayMath to make more money than you normally can. If you go on YouTube, you will see many people advertising how they can cheat the system but this is a big lie. It is not possible.

Our final verdict: Is Paymath legit or scam?

Members argue that the platform indeed pays and we have not seen any evidence in the contrary.

After becoming a member, you have two ways to earn money as I have stated in some sections back. Those two methods are:

  • Math Solving
  • Referring or inviting new members

When you become a member, you would have invested 530 pesos which you can gain back by solving math questions or referring. Also remember that you will have about 150 pesos as your sign up gift/bonus. The sad part about this is that you cannot withdraw the 150 pesos unless you have reached the $20 US Dollars threshold.

If you wish to recover your investment of 530 pesos, you will need to solve about 20,000 math problems. Recall that 1000 solved math problems equals 1 USD. The goal is to solve above 20,000 math problems which equals 20 US Dollars: the minumum withdrawal amount.

My own verdict is this: it is legit but is not worth your time. Unless you have a lot of spare time, the above method will quickly make you lose interest.

Another method to earn is by inviting new members. To reach the 20 US Dollars threshold, you will need to refer at least 10 people. Each member carries a worth of 100 Pesos (2 US Dollars). This is a more faster way to earn money via the platform but you really need to be good at sweet-talking people into signing up.

All in all, Paymath is 100% legit!!

PayMath tips: how to earn more?

How can I earn more on PayMath? What is the fastest way to cash out? All that information is present in this section.

My tips for speeding up your earnings on PayMath is to not spend your time solving math problems. That method of garnering points is not feasible, it will take you ages to make even 1 Dollar.

So how can you earn faster? The answer is to refer. You would observe that referring friends and/or family will get you more cash faster. If you invite people, you get $2 (this is the equivalent of answering 2000 correct questions)!

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