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Kiriku Official Biography, Wiki and Profile Summary

Kiriku Official Biography

Name Enorense Victor
Stage Name Kiriku Official
Date of Birth 17th of December, 2014
Age 7 years old
State of Origin Edo
Nationality Nigerian
Parents Unknown
Religion Christian
Occupation Comedian, Content Creator
Phone Number Unknown
Net Worth $100,000

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Kiriku Official Biography: Who Is Kiriku Official?

Who exactly is comedian Kiriku Official? He is a kid comedian who have been making waves as of recent in the Nigerian entertainment space. He is a kid comedian as well as an actor and a talented precocious content creator.

His real name is Enorense Victor and although his rise to fame may seem sudden, he has actually been tugging at the garments of fame for a while. Kiriku Official has been doing comedy skits for a while and it was one of these skits that shot him up to prominence.

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Since then, Kiriku has been wining and dining with top rated comedians in the Nigerian entertainment space. He has gone on to feature in skits from several big names in the industry.

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Kiriku Official Age and Date of Birth

Have you ever wondered how old Kiriku Official is? Well, the kid comedian was born on the 17th of December, 2014. That is pretty recent.

Currently, the lad is 7 years of age. His young age can be evidently seen from his face and his manner of speaking. Who doesn’t love a cute cuddly kid comedian?

Kiriku Official Birthday

When does Kiriku Official celebrates his birthday? He celebrates his birthday on the day he was born: on every December 17. His latest birthday celebration was done last year on the 17th day of December, 2021.

Kiriku Official State of Origin

Kiriku hails from Edo state in South South Nigeria. We do not know which of the tribes in Edo he belongs to.

Kiriku Official Ethnicity

As stated above, we have no idea where he hails from. The only information we have is that he is from Edo state in Southern Nigeria.

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Kiriku Official Nationality

He is Nigerian by nationality. He was born and brought up in Nigeria. It is unlikely he has ever left the shores of Nigeria.

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Kiriku Official parents and family

There is very little information about Kiriku Official’s parents and family. He has not introduced them to us and has never mentioned them in his skits. But we are certain his family must be proud of him.

It is believed that Kiriku has a sister by the stage name Little Angel. She is his elder sister and like him, is also a kid comedian.

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Kiriku Official Career: How did his career blossom?

Like I previously stated way back in the beginning of this article, Kiriku has bee at this comedy thing for a while. Several success stories like Success (no pun intended) and Emmanuella of Mark Angel Comedy group has been a source of inspiration for many people. Kiriku Official is another success story.

He became popular when famous Instagram socialite, Tunde Ednut reposted one of his comedy skits. Nigerians were obviously smitten by the comedian and have been awed by his comic skills ever since.

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Currently, he is one of the most highly rated kid Comedians in Nigeria. He has collaborated with several people including: Nollywood actress Chizzy Alichi, Comedians like Sabinus, Aloma Isaac, MC Koko, De-Umbrella boy, etc, in delivering funny comedy skits.

Kiriku Official Net Worth: How much is he worth in 2022?

As a kid who makes the bulk of his money from entertainment and Brad influencing, Kiriku is worth quite a lot. We estimate his net worth to be around $50,000 US Dollars.

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Kiriku Instagram Page

He is very active on Instagram. After all, this was where he had his breakthrough. He has a very big fan base too; his followers total an astounding 300k. You can follow Kiriku Official on Instagram @Kirikuofficial

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