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Moya David’s TikTok account is brimming with life. Moya has become a well-known figure on the internet, with recordings ranging from dancing alongside fruit and vegetable vendors at our local markets to brightening the face of a police officer.

Moya David Dancer Tiktok

He is renowned for ambushing strangers on the street, before persuading them into having a dance with him or just cheering them up.

With over 450,000 followers on the famous app and an amazing 5.3 million likes, the content creator and choreographer demonstrates his expertise in his chosen field.

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But where did it all start?

On Tuesday afternoon, the popular dancer spoke with Radio Maisha’s Mwende Macharia on his route to professional dancing and content creation.

Moya described dance as a passion as well as a gift that he discovered when he was approximately eight or nine years old.

“I’d go to roadshows where they were giving out prizes like hats to passersby, and I’d be the first one there,” Moya explained. He was born in Mai-Mahiu and grew up in Kiambu before moving to Nairobi in 2018.

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“I know a thing or two about radio; I was the best producer in my day!” exclaimed the Journalism and Public Relations graduate.

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“I tried other vocations, but my heart was calling me to dance.” “There came a time when I decided never to dance again and instead focus on my burgeoning journalism profession,” he explained.

“However, with time, I realized that the money to be made was truly in dance,” he added. That’s how I stayed on track.”

The popular dancer discussed his journey to professional dancing and content creation.

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When asked how much money he makes from his skill, the young dancer just answered that if done seriously, the art is a dependable and sustainable career path.

“You will make money if you work professionally.” But it won’t be easy if you do it infrequently and only for fun.”

He began dancing professionally in 2018, and his TikTok profile was launched the following year.

“I’ve done a lot of dancing in the local scene, including appearances in music videos by Nameless, Khaligraph, and others.” “I’ve performed on large platforms both globally and locally,” he explained.

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He began his dancing career solo but eventually felt the necessity to form a group, founding his own dance academy.

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Mayo, when asked if his cheeky actions have ever gotten him in trouble, remarked that such acts cannot go unnoticed. He then recounted one of his most heinous encounters.

“I was doing martial arts skits at the time.” My crew and I went to Amboseli this time, and it appears we messed with the wrong people when we tried to fool the Maasai traders!” he added.

“Our goal was to provide material, but those folks didn’t get the humor.” All was well at first, but when I removed one of the Maasai men’s wares for sale and dumped them on the ground, his buddies swiftly joined him to fight me.”

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Moya stated that the scuffle subsided when he and his buddies purchased a few items from Maasai sellers.

“Ilibidi tununue rungu,” he said amusingly.

The adorable content maker also revealed a viral moment that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media. It’s a video of him dancing for a female tout before presenting her a chocolate bar, which makes her blush and smile.

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“I suppose she liked it so much that she became weak at the knees.” My videographer and I had to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn’t pass out.”

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How does he shoot his endearing films and skits?

Moya stated that he initially identifies a target, after which his cameraperson sets up his equipment.

“Once my cameraperson arrives on stage, I’ll step in and the show will begin.” It has to function because if it doesn’t, it’s not (excellent) content, so it has to be great,” he explained.

The gifted dancer insisted that none of his feats are faked and that each video is an exciting experience in which he is unsure of the outcome.

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Speaking to aspiring creators, Moya encouraged them to actively pursue their ideas and not give up.

“Don’t be frightened to put your idea into action.” You never know if that will be the source of your breakthrough.”

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