Educbot Review 2021: Is Educbot legit or scam? [real or fake]

Some days ago, we covered another site called PayMath. PayMath is a online job that is very popular in the Philippines. Another one of those trending online jobs is Educbot.

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What is EDUCBOT?

Educbot is an online program where members earn by referring or inviting other members and by answering questions in a sort of game setting. The system is built to imitate the workings of a game [obviously to make the money making process more appealing]. Login, sign in, registration, cheat, legit

Educbot program, known as Chatbot, exists in Facebook messenger with automated questions that have been preprogrammed. The questions you see there have been preprogrammed into the system.

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Educbot has been in operation for a while, as far back as 2019. It however became popular among Filipinos around the start of the global pandemic. The reason for this is pretty simple: people had more time to go online since there were series of lockdowns.

It is especially popular among students and among those willing to earn quick money. Thanks to its popularity, several apps of its kind became increasingly popular on social media.


Is there a membership fee in EDUCBOT?

If you are looking to join Educbot for free then I’m sorry to inform you that Educbot membership is NOT free. There is a membership fee.

How much is Educbot membership fee? The membership fee is just 100 Php. That is, you need 100 Pesos to join.

What is the required device for EDUCBOT?

You can use anything really, it doesn’t matter if you use a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet. The necessary thing however is that the device must be internet enabled and the Educbot messenger (Chatbot) must be installed.

Where can you receive your earnings, Cashout/Payout?

You can receive your earnings through the following means:

  • via GCASH
  • Paymaya, 
  • Smart Padala and,
  • Palawan Remittance center. 

How can I earn in EducBot?

There are four ways in which you can earn in EducBot. All of these ways or processes requires you to be invited (and of course pay the membership fee) to be able to play and earn.

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These ways are as follows:

  • Play and 1 Invite
  • Invite and Payout
  • Invite
  • Invite and Play

Note: You need to invitie in order to cash out.

What about the questions? Yes, you would be asked questions in the platform, remember? The questions will come from different categories, these categories are and their rates are:

GEOGRAPHY: P10.00 (Pesos)


Emojie MATH: P20.00 Pesos

VALUES: P25.00 Pesos

GRAMMAR: P30.00 Pesos

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Educbot Review: Our Verdict

Remember in our PayMath review, we talked about how you need a membership fee to join? The same also goes for Educbot but the membership fee in this case is far cheaper than that of PayMath. 100 Pesos is just around 2 US Dollars which is quite affordable.

Earning on Educbot however requires you to follow the procedures closely. For example [and a necessity], you must invite a new member in order to receive your payout.

Educbot operates strictly on a NO INVITE, NO PAYOUT procedure. 

The above requirement has Ponzi written all over it. Ponzi or pyramiding business model always ends up with a  bitter-sweet taste in the end. Users are advised to avoid it. review: Is Designshu legit or scam?

The answering questions method of earning is only just an accessory designed to lure new members. In reality, the only and main method of earning [or cashing out] is to invite. You need at least 1 invite to cash out.

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But in order to earn more, you need to complete the procedure that is answering questions. After a successful completion of the procedure, you will be required to start all over again. Guess what? Another 100 Pesos membership fee will be required of you.

This all but confirms that Educbot is a Ponzi scheme. It has the blueprints of a ponzi scheme but many people confirm that they do pay. It is also important to note that they are DTI registered. Members also attest to the legitimacy of the Eductbot, saying they receive their earnigs.

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The decision is up to you. We have reviewed Educbot and have found worrying signs of foul play. However, the decision still remains yours. You can choose to go ahead or find other things to do.

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