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Klaus Banadinovich: bio, school, age, movies, height, wiki

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Klaus Banadinovich and Eric Bana

In this article, we will take a look at Klaus Banadinovich. You will be provided with information that cuts across several topics relating to:

  • Klaus Banadinovich age
  • Klaus Banadinovich Rebecca Gleeson
  • Klaus Banadinovich Sophia Banadinovich
  • Klaus Banadinovich school
  • Klaus Banadinovich movies
  • Klaus Banadinovich Height
  • Klaus Banadinovich Eric Bana

Shall we start this knowledge profile of Klaus Banadinovich? Let us go on.

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Who is Klaus Banadinovich?

Eric Bana Klaus Banadinovich Rebecca Gleeson and Sophia Banadinovich

Klaus Banadinovich is the only son of Eric Bana, a popular Australian actor and comedian. We cannot attempt to provide full information about Klaus Banadinovich without talking about his father.

Who is Eric Bana? Klaus’ father, Eric, is a comedian, a movie producer and an actor who is a well known celebrity in Australia and in the United States. His career started in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal. The drama that however gave the first real taste of publicity and reckonage is the comedy drama, The Castle. When he starred in the biographical crime movie Chopper, Aussies came to understand that Eric Bana was not your average actor.

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Klaus Banadinovich: Profile Summary/Wiki-bio

Full name Klaus Banadinovich
famous as son of Eric Bana
Profession filmmaker
Date of Birth August 1999
Age 23 years old as of 2022
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Mixed (Part German, part Croatian)
Birth Sign Leo
Siblings Sophia Banadinovich
Parents Father: Eric Bana

Mother: Rebecca Gleeson

Now let us talk about Klaus Banadinovich himself, who is he? And how best can we describe him?

Like I previously stated, Klaus Banadinovich is the first and only son of Eric Bana. He was born in 1999. As of the year 2022, he is 23 years old. He might be his father’s only son but he is not his father’s only child: Klaus has a sister whose name is Sophia Banadinovich

Sophia, Klaus’ little sister, has decided to go into showbiz (following in the family’s footsteps). On the other hand, Klaus’ aspirations are less glamorous; he wants to be a filmmaker and he already is on that path.

Klaus Banadinovich School

The 22 year old is the graduate of Victorian College of Arts. His passion for filmmaking made him study at the College. He hopes to forge a career in filmmaking as a writer and/or director. It remains to be seen of he will achieve this dream in Australia. Well, an Aussie can dream, can’t he?

Klaus Banadinovich Interests

Klaus Banadinovich and Eric Bana

On Klaus Banadinovich’s interests: we are aware that he especially fancies travelling and is a enthusiast and student of history. He has travelled to some places, mostly on vacation. Who doesn’t like a little vacation?

Rebecca Gleeson and Eric Bana: How did his parents meet?

I’m sure you are itching to hear how the parents of Klaus met. We do not have much information about how they started their love affair but there is one certainty: the pair met while working.

In 1995, while working on the television series Full Frontal, Eric began dating Rebecca Gleeson, a publicist with the Seven Network.

Eric Bana and his would-be-wife fell in love and dated for a while after this meeting. Eventually, he was able to convince her to get married to him in 1997. Eric Bana proposed to Rebecca on a trip to the United States which he won from Cleo Magazine after being named their “Bachelor of the Year” in 1996. The bachelor got himself married on the trip, how ironic.

Today, the couple along with their children live in Melbourne, Australia.

Klaus Banadinovich Rebecca Gleeson

Who is Rebecca Gleeson? Rebecca Gleeson is the mother of Klaus and Sophia Banadinovich and also the legal partner of Eric Bana. She is a publicist, originally at the Seven Network where she coincidentally met her husband.

The wife of Eric Bana is the daughter of former Chief Justice of New South Wales, who later became the Chief Justice of Australia, Murray Gleeson. 

Keeping Klaus and Sophia out of the spotlight

The Banadinovich couple: Eric Bana and Rebecca Gleeson have two children together: 23-year old son Klaus and 18-year old Sophia.

Despite this being know about Banadinovichs, very little is known about their children. This private life away from the spotlight was purposefully influenced by the couple and one of their children, Sophia is glad they did.

‘I am very glad they did that because growing up would have been very different,’ Klaus Banadinovich’s sister admited.

Eric Bana and his son Klaus Banadinovich enjoy a sunny Sunday out walking in Sydney. As you can see, there is an obvious semblance between the duo.

Klaus Banadinovich Eric Bana

Who is Eric Bana to Klaus Banadinovich? Eric Bana is his father and their relationship is a blood certified one. Let us discuss briefly about

Klaus Banadinovich’s father, Bana is a motor racing enthusiast, and is a regular participant in numerous racing competitions around Australia. When Eric was 14 years old, he wanted to drop out of school to focus full-time on becoming a motor mechanic, but his father convinced him to complete school, advising him to avoid making his hobby a job.

His father purchased his first car for him, a 1974 XB Ford Falcon coupé for A$1,100. He was 15 years old at this time. Driving it, he made his motor sport racing debut in Targa Tasmania 1996, a week-long race around Tasmania.

In 2004, Bana purchased a Porsche 944 to compete in Australia’s Porsche Challenge. Competing throughout 2004, he finished in the top ten on numerous occasions and in November, finished fourth at the Sandown event, a personal best. On 21 April 2007, Klaus Banadinovich’s dad crashed his 1974 XB Falcon Coupe in the 2007 Targa Tasmania rally; fortunately, he and his co-driver did not sustain any life threatening injuries. Bana appeared on the British motoring show Top Gear on 15 November 2009 as a guest for its “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment.”

That is all there is to know about Klaus Banadinovich, if you have any questions please make them known in the comments section.

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