Damian Seth Azariah Echols – All You Need To Know About Him

Damian Seth Azariah Echols is the son of American writer and film producer Damien Echols. Damian Seth Azariah’s father is best known for being a member of the West Memphis Three, a gang of youths suspected of a triple murder. Let us now discuss him.

Profile Summary

  • Famous As: son of Damien Echols
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Nationality: American
  • Echols’s Father -Damien Echols
  • Echols’s mother– Domini Teer

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Damian Seth Azariah Echols is now well-known as the son of Damien and his ex-girlfriend Domini Teer. Domini was pregnant when her boyfriend Damien was arrested, and their kid was born around the time of the trial.

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Damien Echols Damien Seth echols
Damian Seth Azariah Echols’ father

Domini Echols, Damian Seth Azariah Echols’ mother, subsequently said that the son’s name was spelled differently than the father’s because Damien is based on a biblical character.

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Damien’s precise age is unclear, but he is thought to be around his mid-twenties.

Lorri Davis, Damian’s mother, is now married to Damian’s father. Lorris met him in 1996 after seeing his documentary on TV and deciding to write to him while incarcerated.

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They began a romantic connection and were married in December 1999. They wrote nearly 5,000 letters to one other. Damian Seth Azariah Echols’ father was released from prison in 2011 when evidence proved his innocence.

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Damian Seth Azariah Echols’ Father

After his father, Damian Seth Azariah Echols, was released from prison in 2011 after an Alford plea, he wrote several autobiographies and spiritual books. He has appeared in a number of books, videos, and podcasts concerning his spiritual work and the West Memphis Three case.

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Damian Seth Azariah Echols Net Worth

It’s difficult to get information on his net worth. His mother, Lorris Davis, has an estimated net worth of $700,000, and his father has an estimated net worth of $500000.

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Images and further information about Damien Echol’s son are difficult to come by because the pair works hard to keep all information about their son out of the public. Our crew is also on the ground, working hard to learn more about Damian Seth Azariah Echols for our valued readers.

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