Cooper Matheson: These Facts About Him Will Shock You (Son of Tim Matheson)

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Who is Cooper Matheson?

Cooper Matheson is the son of celebrity parents Tim Matheson and Meghan Murphy Matheson. His father, Tim Matheson is an American movie star who is best known for roles in the animated series, Eric “Otter” Stratton and the character of Vice President John Hoynes in the NBC drama, The West Wing.

Cooper Matheson Tim Matheson

His mother, Meghan Murphy Matheson, who is now divorced (more information about this is available in concurrent sections of this article) is equally in the movie industry. Though not as widely known as her ex-husband, she has participated in several movies, most popularly Brain Donors (1992) and Dinner: Impossible (2007). 

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Cooper Matheson Parents

Cooper Matheson is one of the product of a 25 year long marriage between his now estranged parents: Meghan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson. His parents were married between 1985 and 2010, when sadly they separated for reasons that were never publicly shared by Tim or Meghan.

Tim and Meghan Matheson met in the 1980’s. Before then, Tim had already divorced his first wife, Jennifer Leak, who he only spent three years with before calling it quits.

It is believed that Tim met Meghan on the set of one of the movies he was working with. Very soon, they got attracted to each other. A period of dating followed that would last for a whole year and eventually, on June 29, 1985they got married.

But 25 years later and the duo of Tim and Meghan Matheson separated for unknown reasons. Child custody was not a legal issue as all their children (three including Cooper Matheson) were above the age of 18.

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Tim Matheson’s Three Marriages

Cooper Matheson’s father, Tim, was married three times! First, he married Jennifer Leak and divorced her three years later in 1971. Then he met Cooper’s mother, Meghan, on the set of a movie and they too got married but separated after 25 years!

Tim and Meghan Matheson, parents of Cooper
Cooper Matheson’s parents: Tim and Meghan

At the moment, it seems Tim has finally found love as he is currently married to Elizabeth Marighetto. They got married in 2018 and so far, there has been no reports of tension or conflict between them. Hopefully, this marriage of Tim lasts and survives anything thrown at it.

Cooper Matheson Age

The guy was born in 1994, six years before the beginning of the 21st century. Consequently, Cooper is 27 years old as of 2022.

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Cooper Matheson Siblings

The marriage union of Tim Matheson and Meghan Matheson yielded three lovely children one of which is Cooper.

Cooper Matheson Emma Matheson
Cooper Matheson with his sister

He has two sister siblings who he shares both the blood of his now estranged parents with. Cooper Matheson’s siblings are:

  • Emma Matheson
  • Molly Matheson

Cooper Matheson Nationality

Cooper Matheson is American. He was born in the United States of America just like his father. He is therefore a citizen of the country by birth.

Cooper Matheson Wikipedia

He does not have a Wikipedia page but his father, as you would expect being the star actor he is, does.

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