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Why are cats scared of cucumbers? Here’s your answer

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Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

Hello there! I am Timothy and this is Ask iamNG. In this article, I will be answering the question: why are cats afraid or scared of cucumbers?

You probably might have seen several YouTube videos that showed a cat jumping up in fright at the site of a cucumber. You probably might have found them very funny.

It’s rather silly that a cat would be afraid of something as harmless as a cucumber. But then you start to wonder, why are cats scared of cucumbers anyway? It’s not like a cucumber can hurt a cat, can it?

Well, the answer is no, cucumbers can’t hurt cats. I mean, cucumbers are pretty much lifeless piece of vegetables. They can do no harm.

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

So what exactly is the relationship between a cat and a cucumber? The answer to that is in this article. Read on.

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Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers?

The answer to this question is a rather simple one. As unusual as the behaviour of a cat jumping at the sight of a cucumber is, the reason behind it is far from unusual.

The behavioural response of a cat jumping up in fright at the sight of a cucumber is based on its instinct. It is just the car getting startled at the sight something that was not there before.

In fact, you can try this with pretty much anything, not just a cucumber. Keep in mind that, just like in the YouTube videos you have watched, the object (in this case a cucumber) has to be behind the unaware cat.

This, however, is not the only theory that seeks to explain why cats are scared of cucumbers. A cat might be frightened by the sight of a cucumber for any of the following reasons:

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Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

Your cat might think the cucumber is trying to steal its food

Have you ever wondered why this internet prank is mostly pulled off when a cat is feeding? This minor detail is actually relevant to why cats are afraid of cucumbers. Permit me to explain.

ComfortedKitty states that cats are instinctively territorial about their food. Any unfamiliar objects that a cat finds suddenly within close distance of the kibble it is eating might be perceived as an intruder trying to steal.

When confronted with a threatening situation, cats will almost always respond with fear and anxiety. We see this behaviour with cats and cucumbers. We often find that cats woul respond to the sight of a cucumber by jumping up or freezing in place (fear and anxiety), hissing and usually with their fur standing up.

That cucumber could be a snake!

It is common knowledge that domestic cats are predators who will often hunt down mice and small birds. But we often forget that they are just much of prey as they are predators. Coyotes and snakes prey on cats. This has lead scientist to the theory that a cucumbers semblance to a snake may be the reason why cats are afraid of cucumbers.

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Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

This theory might make sense too many of us but it is not entirely true. Cats have been found to hunt and attack snakes. So, if a cat were to associate the shape of a cucumber to a snake, it would likely attack and not run away. However, this is subject to the cat’s personality. Some cats are more scaredy than others.

Should I scare my cat with a cucumber?

While it is entertaining to watch cats get all frightened at the mere sight of a cucumber, it is not safe for the health of your pet.

Scaring your cat with a cucumber could cause your pet to undergo unnecessary stress and could lead to undesirable behavioral responses: like anxiety and aggression.

Also, after continued subjection to this trick, your cat may end up associating the prank to you, its owner, rather than the cucumber. This could cause it to be frightened by your presence. You could lose the love of your furry friend for just a few moments of entertainment. Is it worth it, I don’t think so.

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