Meet James Clinton Bicknell, Husband of Myrtle Corbin

James Clinton Bicknell is famous for being the husband of Myrtle Corbin, the woman with four legs and two private parts. James got married to Myrtle when she was just 19 years old. The couple had 4 children.

James Clinton Bicknell

Profile summary

Full name James Clinton Bicknell
Date of Birth 23 December 1868
Place of Birth Blount Alabama United States of America
Date Of Death 14 February 1946
Place of Death Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States,
Age at Time of Death 77 years old
Parents father – Micajah Alexander Bicknell
Mother -Frances E. Graves
Wife Josephine Myrtle Corbin
Nationality American

James Clinton: Life and Background

James Clinton Bicknell was born in Blount, Alabama, on December 23, 1868. He was born to his father, Micajah Alexander Bicknell, who was 45 years old at the time of his birth, and his mother, Frances E. Graves, who was 39 years old at the time of his birth. James grew raised with 12 siblings.

On June 12, 1886, in Blount, Alabama, United States, James married Josephine Myrtle Corbin, the woman with four legs and two. James’ marriage to Myrtle, who was quite popular at the time, catapulted him into the spotlight. James married his wife when she was only 19 years old, and the two lived happily ever after until the wife died. Dr. James Senior’s older brother married Myrtle’s younger sister before James proposed to young Myrtle.

It’s evident that James Bicknell, a doctor, married Myrtle for love, not money, because he urged she abandon show business and buy a farm after their marriage.

They had at least four children, one boy and three girls. Nancy Estelle, Francis Clinton, Ruby, and Lillian J. were among those present.

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James and Myrtle brought their family from Blount County, AL to Johnson County, TX in the early 1890s, settling near and then relocating to Cleburne City. The farming couple lived happily ever after.

James Clinton Bicknell died on February 14, 1946, at the age of 77, in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States, and was buried in Cleburne Memorial Park, Cleburne, Johnson, Texas, United States.

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Things you didn’t know about James Clinton Bicknell’s wife, Myrtle Corbin

James Clinton Bicknell

1. James’ wife was in good health from birth: Despite the fact that she was born with four legs and two private parts, she was regarded as a natural beauty. The doctors who examined her after she was born confirmed that she was healthy and vigorous, and that she could function normally.

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2. James Clinton Bicknell’s wife, Myrtle Corbin, was a Sideshow performer: At the age of 13, she was well-known for her Sideshow act. Because of her unusual appearance, her father came up with the notion of charging curious residents a token to see his four-legged Josephine. So the girl started traveling to different places for sideshow acts and she made a lot of money, earning up to 450 dollars per week at the time.

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3. James Clinton Bicknell married her and they had children: While some may have wondered why anyone would marry a girl like Josephine with four legs, she married Clinton Bicknell when she was nineteen. James and Josephine were madly in love with one another. He not only married her, but they also had five children together (a boy and four girls). They were meant to have eight, but only four lived.

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4. James’s wife loved having sexual intercourse on her right side: it came as a surprise to her when she had her first pregnancy. When told the news, Corbin was quoted as saying, “If it had been in my right side, I would have come closer to believing you are correct.” Everyone could tell from what she stated that the four-legged woman preferred having intercourse on her right side over her left.

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Despite Myrtle’s abnormalities, James Clinton Bicknell proved to be an excellent spouse. The two were inseparable until his wife developed a skin illness and died six days after it was identified.

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The Presence of Jame Clinton’s Wife in Medical Journals

Teratologists classified Corbin’s anomaly in medical publications and encyclopedias in the nineteenth century using numerous different, yet equally complex, terms based on time-honored customs. Some called her a “dipygus dibrachius tetrapus,” while others described her condition as “‘posterior dichotomy,’ subvariety schizorachis.”

Brooks H. Wells, one of her doctors, described her as a “female, belonging to the monocephalic, ileadelphic class of monsters through fusion.”

“She stands approximately five feet tall, has fair skin, blue eyes, and curly hair, and is quite brilliant.” A outsider seeing her in company would merely believe her extraordinarily broad across her hips, and with the carriage typical of a clubbed foot. I’ve known Mrs. B. as the ‘four-legged girl’ since she was a young child, but I didn’t recognize the flawless dual development of both exterior and internal genital organs until she became my patient in case of pregnancy.”

The above is written by Lewis Whaley, quoted in the British Medical Journal in 1889 regarding James Clinton Bicknell’s wife Myrtle.

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Corbin became pregnant for the first time in the spring of 1887, about a year after marrying Bicknell: her condition was found by Dr. Lewis Whaley of Blountsville, Alabama, who was sent when Corbin complained of pain in her left side, fever, headache, and a diminished appetite.

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Furthermore, the doctor noted that “vomiting and amenorrhoea had lasted for two months.”

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Whaley went on to write up the case for the Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal, which sparked renewed interest in Myrtle during the late 1880s, now dubbed ‘Mrs. B.’ in medical journals.

When Whaley examined Corbin, he noticed that the obvious doubling of her sexual organs was mirrored by an internal duplication. According to him, Mrs. B. was discovered to be pregnant in her left uterus.

When Whaley found out she was pregnant, she voiced her surprise by remarking, “If it had been in my right side, I would have gotten closer believing you are accurate.” Physicians deduced from this reply that James Clinton Bicknell’s wife enjoyed intercourse on the right side, and this fact was mentioned in several later reports.

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