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Tiago Ishola

Who is Tiago Ishola? Tiago Ishola Biography

Tiago Ishola is an internet sensation and popular comedian. Ever since Nigerian socialite, Honourable Shina Peller gave him exposure, the lad has been going from heights to heights.

Last year, in 2021, Honourable Shina Peller shared a video where he met a white boy speaking fluent Yoruba with the difficult Ibadan accent. That boy was Thiago Ishola. His ability to speak the language despite the colour of his skin earned him quite a number of fans.

At the moment, he is an internet sensation particularly on TikTok. He also has a YouTube channel and is a growing influence among Nigerian youths.

Thanks to his fame and popularity, he earned the love and affection of the king of Oyo, the Alaafin of Oyo. The Alaafin took a quick liking to him and has since adopted him.

Let us move on to other aspects of Tiago Ishola’s life, shall we?

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Tiago Ishola Nationality

Obviously, Tiago Ishola is not exactly Nigerian. As you can see, he is white and therefore hails from an European country.

In one of his viral TikTok videos, he admitted that he was Portuguese but has spent many of his life in Africa’s third largest city, Ibadan.

Tiago Ishola’s nationality is therefore Portuguese and Nigerian.

Tiago Ishola biography

Tiago Ishola Age

Tiago Ishola’s age is still something that isn’t clear. We are not sure how old he is but he is definitely in his late 20s.

We speculate that he was born in the 1990s, probably around the year 1995-2000.

Tiago Ishola Nickname

Tiago Ishola is known by a very funny nickname. He is called Oyinbo Ibile. In Yoruba, the origin of the name, it means White boy of the soil. It refers to how Tiago, despite his white roots, is just as much of African as any native African.

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Tiago Ishola Net Worth

Tiago Ishola is worth a staggering $50,000 (50 thousand Dollars). He pooled these from endorsements and proceeds from being brand ambassadors for several businesses.

Tiago Ishola Parents

Tiago Ishola’s parents are not known but his mother is believed to be Portuguese. His father is probably Yoruba hence the surname, Ishola.

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His parents are rumoured to be residents in the city of Ibadan.

The Alaafin of Oyo

Tiago is the adopted son of the Alaafin of Oyo. In one of his posts, he has mentioned how it was the king who advised him to learn Yoruba language.

Tiago Ishola and Alaafin of Oyo
Tiago Ishola and Alaafin of Oyo

I want to thank my father Dr Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III for the encouragement and advice he gave me to learn Yoruba language from the moment I met him. I am who I am today because of this wonderful, legitimate, resplendent and excellent king.

Tiago Ishola Instagram

Tiago Ishola has an Instagram account with the username @iamthiagoisola.

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