Meet Pamela Archer, Audie Murphy’s Wife

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Who is Pamela Archer?

Pamela Archer was the wife of Audie Murphy, a famous American soldier and entrepreneur.

Her husband, Audie Murphy, was not just a soldier in the American army, he was also a songwriter and a ranch owner. In his military line of duty, Audie was exemplary. He remains one of the most decorated US combat soldiers in World War II history. He was the recipient of numerous awards from the United States army, as well as Belgian and French awards for his valor and contributing to the war.

Pamela Archer and Audie Murphy with their kid

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On the other hand, Pamela Archer, who is wife to Audie Murphy and the primary subject of this biography was a nurse in the United States army and was also an airline stewardess at some point in her life.

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The longest part of Pamela’s career was her 35-year profession as a patient liason at the Sepulveda Veterans Administration hospital where she treated several army veterans who visited the facility.

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How Pamela Archer and Audie Murphy met

It might surprise many of our readers that Pamela Archer is not actually Audie’s first wife. Yes, Audie was previously married to Wanda Hendrix in 1949. However, his marital relationship with the star actress did not last beyond two years when the pair became divorced in 1951.

Pamela Archer and Audie Murphy

After the divorce was complete, Audie married another wife. Her name was Pamela Opal Archer. Their marriage took place just four days after the divorce happened. It is believed that Audie Murphy and Pamela were in a relationship while the former’s relationship was still in the rocks.

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Pamela Archer Family

After their marriage in 1951, Pamela and Audie started a family together. The pair soon welcomed two sons into their household. Their names were:

  • Terry Michael (born in 1952)
  • James Shannon (born in 1954)

Audie Murphy’s Death

Death soon part Pamela and her husband, Audie Murphy when he died in a plane crash near Catawba, Virginia some 20 kilometers west of Roanoke. It was reported that bad weather conditions caused the private passenger plane to crash. Along with Audie Murphy, five people including the pilot of the aircraft died. The plane crash occurred on the 28th of May in 1971. It took two days for the aircraft to be recovered.

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Apparently, the pilot of the twin-engine Aero Commander 680 held no instrument rating despite his private-pilot license and wealth of flying experience.

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Four years later in 1975, a court awarded Pamela Archer, and their two children $2.5 million in damages because of the accident.

Audie Murphy’s burial was top-notch. He was buried with all military honours at Arlington National Cemetery. Many high ranked officials in the army attended his burial. Some of them were Ambassador to the U.N. George H. W. Bush, Army Chief of Staff William Westmoreland, and many of the 3rd Infantry Division.

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What happened to Pamela after her husband’s death?

After Audie’s death in the plane crash, Pamela moved away from their previous home to a small apartment. She eventually got a job at Sepulveda Veterans Administration hospital where she worked as a clerk and remained employed for 35 years.

Did Pamela Archer remarry?

No, she did not not remarry. After Audie’s death in 1971, she lived the rest of her life as a widow until she eventually died.

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Pamela Archer and Audie Murphy wedding pictures

Pamela Archer Date of Death

Pamela Archer died a peaceful death at her home on the 8th of April, 2010. She died her home in Canogo Park, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Pamela Archer Age: how old was she when she died?

She was born on October 7th, 1923. When Pamela died in 2010, she was about 85 years old.

Pamela Archer Place of Birth

Pamela Archer was born in Kansas City, in the United States. That was her birth location.

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Was Pamela Archer an actress?

As a matter of fact, yes she was. Pamela Archer was an actress when she alive although she was not that famous. She was known for her roles in Fatty & George (1981) and Zero Hour (2004).

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