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Mathew Thomas Clemence: Secrets about Phil Collins’s son

Mathew Thomas Clemence

Mathew Thomas Clemence is Phil Collins’s son. Phil Collins, the father of Matthew Collins, is an English drummer, composer, record producer, and actor. Phil is best known for his time as the drummer and lead vocalist of the rock band Genesis, as well as his solo career, which began in 1981.

Mathew Thomas Clemence: Profile Summary

Full Name Mathew Thomas Clemence
other names Matthew Collins
Famous as son of Phil Collins
Age 18 years old as of 2022
Date of Birth December 1, 2004
Place of Birth London, Greater London County, England United Kingdom
Zodiac sign Capricon
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Siblings  Lily Collins, Nicholas Collins, Simon Collins, Joely Collins
Parents Father-   Phil Collins 
Mother – Orianne Cevey

Mathew Thomas Clemence is the son of Phil Collins and his wife, Orianne Cevey. Mathew Clemence was born in London, Greater London County, England, United Kingdom on December 1, 2004. Mathew is 18 years old in 2022. His siblings are Lily Collins, Nicholas Collins, Simon Collins, and Joely Collins. He is not the only child of his parents.

Mathew Thomas Clemence

Mathew Thomas Clemence’s mother, Orianne Cevey is a Swiss jewelry designer, best known for her highly publicized marriage with famous English musician and actor, Phil Collins. Matthew, unlike his father, is a visual artist.

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Parents of Mathew Thomas Clemence and Their Marriage

How did the parents of Mathew Thomas Clemence meet? In 1999, Collins wed Orianne Cevey, a 22-year-old Swiss native who had served as his interpreter at the beginning of his 1994 tour. The mother of Matthew Collins is the third woman his father married.

They lived in Jackie Stewart’s former home in Begnins, Switzerland. In 2006, they split up. Collins paid Cevey £25 million, which was the highest settlement in a British celebrity divorce at the time. Phil remained in Féchy, Switzerland, while simultaneously maintaining residences in New York City and Dersingham, Norfolk.

Even before their divorce, Orianne, the mother of Mathew Thomas Clemence, began dating Charles Fouad Mejjati, an investment banker. She wed Charles immediately following her divorce from Phil. In March 2011, Orianne and Charles were blessed with their first child, Andrea Ryan Kylian. However, even this union was short-lived, as she divorced Charles in 2017.

The paternal grandfather of Matthew Collins, Phil has been married three times and then divorced. From 1975 to 1980, he was married to Andrea Bertorelli, who was born in Canada. They met in a London theatre class when they were 11 years old and again in 1974 when Genesis performed in Vancouver. After marrying in England at the age of 24, Phil legally adopted Joely, Bertorelli’s daughter. Also, they had a son named Simon Collins.

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In 1984, Phil wed Jill Tavelman, an American-born woman. Their only child is Lily Collins. Collins had two affairs with Lavinia Lang, a former drama school classmate, while on tour with Genesis in 1992. The marriage experienced difficulties, which led to Collins’s divorce.

Cevey, the mother of Mathew Thomas Clemence, was treated for a slipped disc in her neck in 2014, following their divorce. Surgery was required to replace the injured disc with a prosthesis. Unfortunately, the surgery rendered her immobile, prompting Orianne to file a complaint against the hospital where she had the procedure. It was eventually discovered that Orianne had Brown-Sequard syndrome, which was one of the causes for her paralysis after surgery. After months of rehabilitation, she was able to walk again, but with the use of a cane.

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In January 2016, Orianne and Phil Clemence, the parents of Mathew Thomas Clemence, stated that they had reconciled and were living together with their sons. Phil continued by stating that breaking up with Orianne was a mistake and he is glad she has returned to his life. Orianne explained that she never stopped loving Phil and that it took her some time to understand he was her life’s love. She even suggested that they might marry each other a second time!

In October 2017, Orianne and Phil held a news conference in which they declared that they will continue working to improve their organization, the ‘Little Dreams Foundation.’ They currently dwell with their children, Nicholas Grev Austin and Mathew Thomas Clemence, in their Miami property. His mother, Orianne, maintains a website where she offers jewelry for women, men, and children.

Nicholas Clemence, brother of Mathew Thomas Clemence, has replaced his father as the drummer for her father’s band, Genesis. Phil Collins, lead singer and drummer for Genesis, is no longer able to play drums due to a health issue.

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