Doreen Dowdall: Biography, Net Worth, Family

Doreen Dowdall was the wife of a writer, actor-producer, and writer from Ireland. She rose to prominence as a result of their relationship. She rose to prominence as a result of her relationship with this multitalented Irishman.

They had been married for 22 years when they divorced in 1999 due to some issues they had with each other. She was Brendan O’Carroll’s wife.

Where was Doreen born and raised?

Doreen Dowdall is known as the ex-wife of Brendan O’Carroll. She was born in Dublin in the year 1955. T here is no information on her birth date, month, or who gave birth to her. Furthermore, she has not provided information about her father, mother, brother and sister, or famous relatives.

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Doreen Dowdall was born in Dublin, so she has the Republic of Ireland as her nationality, and she is ethnically Irish. Unfortunately, there is no additional information about the religion in which she believes. Furthermore, there is no information about her zodiac sign because her biography omitted her birth date and month.

Who is Doreen’s ex-husband?

Doreen Dowdall was the ex-wife of Brendon O’Carroll, an Irish actor, writer, and producer. They were in a relationship before getting married. They’ve known each other for 22 years and are very close. However, due to disagreements, they divorced and separated in 1999. When they met, both of them began a relationship life.

Their love life began after their first meeting, and they separated due to some issues. So they were in deep love with each other before they were strangers to each other, and it all started from there. And then they fell into a relationship with each other, and the relationship progressed to the next stage. Brendon was born and raised in Dublin, where she met her ex-husband. As a result, there is no information about their relationship before and after.

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Dowdall’s Current Wife

Tommy is Doreen’s husband, and they are happy and understand each other very well. Unfortunately, no additional information about their relationship is available.


The names of the four children, one daughter and three sons, are as follows. Fiona O’Carroll was born in 1980 on September 14th, and the oldest son is Brendan O’Carroll, who was born in 1976 on February 23rd, and the middle son is Danny O’Carroll, who was born in 1983 on October 15th, and the youngest child is Brendan O’Carroll, who was born in 1992 on May 6th.

Physical Characteristics

There is no exact and specific height for her, nor is there any information about her weight or body measurements. As in her chest-waist-hip triangle. Her shoe and dress sizes are unknown to us. Doreen has light brown eyes and blonde hair. Her height is proportionate to her weight.

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What is Doreen’s Current Net Worth?

Doreen, a mother of three children, may have done a lot for her children, but no information about her work or net worth is available. Although she worked hard for their family, she also raised her three children on her own, which was difficult for her, but she never gave up.

She has kept her affairs private and worked hard to raise those children in a suitable environment because her ex-husband used to earn a lot of money from his acting abilities and TV shows. Doreen may have found it difficult, but she persevered. She has never left her children’s side and has worked tirelessly for them.