Daniel Regha: No One Will Tell You These Things About Him

Daniel Regha has demonstrated that you can be a content creator of anything and stay relevant on social media.

Without a foundation or prior support, the’social media adviser’ has captured the attention of thousands of Nigerians, including Davido, and has amassed over 55,000 followers on the platform.

He joined Twitter in January 2020, and his bio simply says’somewhere in Nigeria,’ making it even more difficult to determine where this ‘bag of advices’ originated.

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According to Daniel Regha’s bio,

To whom it may concern, please do not be concerned; if my tweets or personality irritate you, please use the block button above. Goodbye ahead of time…

Who exactly is Daniel Regha?

Daniel Regha

He is a rising Twitter Influencer and advisor. All he does on Twitter is leave advice in the comments sections of almost every Twitter user, including celebrities such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, DJ Cuppy, Zlatan Ibrahimovi, and many more.

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Daniel Regha was a popular commenter on popular Facebook blogs Yabaleft and GistReel before becoming a Twitter sensation. He received so many retweets that he abruptly stopped commenting and went straight to Twitter.

He almost always ends his tweet with “no offense.” He’s in his mid-twenties and an avid social media user.

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