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Colleen Rowland: Secrets The Internet Won’t Tell You About Her

Coleen Rowland

Aaron Ramsey’s wife, Colleen Rowland, is without a doubt one of the hottest women in football. But who is she, and what facts do we know about her?

Colleen Rowland

There are many beautiful women in football, but not many can be an amazing wife, mother, model, and cook all at the same time.

Colleen Rowland was born on September 2, 1990, and is best known for her husband, Aaron Ramsey, who is one of the most popular and beloved football players in the world, currently playing for Juventus.

The couple married in 2014, and they have three beautiful children. In today’s article, we’ll look at some of the most interesting facts about Aaron Ramsey’s wife, Colleen Rowland. Do you want to learn more? So stay tuned.

Everything you need to know about Aaron Ramsey’s wife, Colleen Rowland

Without further ado, let’s get to know Colleen Rowland, Aaron Ramsey’s stunning wife.

Colleen Rowland age and biography

Full Name Colleen Rowland
First Name Colleen
Last Name Rowland
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality British
Birth City Caerphilly, Wales
Birth Country United Kingdom
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Married
Spouse Aaron Ramsey
No Of Children 3
Date of Birth February 2,1990
Age 32 years
Married Date 2014

Colleen Rowland Childhood and early life

Colleen Rowland was born on September 2, 1990, into a middle-sized family. She was born in Caerphilly, Wales, the same town as her husband, which means they are both Welsh.

Her mother’s name was Maria Rowland, her father’s name was James Rowland, and she had a sister named Riana Rowland.

Colleen Rowland’s formal education

Though it was difficult to obtain information on Colleen Rowland’s education, we now know that she graduated from high school in her hometown of Wales and later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wales.

Colleen Rowland

Want to learn more about Aaron Ramsey’s stunning wife? So let us continue.

Zodiac Sign of Colleen Rowland

Colleen Rowlands’ zodiac sign is Aquarius, which explains why she is a creative cook with many delicious meals on her Instagram page. But what other characteristics does an Aquarius possess?

Aquarius women are honest, inquisitive, creative, and altruistic, but they are also unpredictable, extreme, mysterious, and prone to losing their cool. However, as a mother of three, Rowland has demonstrated that she is not easily irritated!

Aaron Ramsey’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, which means he’s ambitious, loyal, practical, and disciplined on the one hand, and critical, dubious, pessimistic, and demanding on the other.

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It should also be noted that Aquarius and Capricorn are ideal because their frequencies match better than anyone else and their relationship will be successful. It’s no surprise that the two are having a great time together! Huh!

Colleen Rowland’s Professional Career

Aaron Ramsey’s hot wife career is the next topic in our article of Colleen Rowland facts. So far, we have learned that the brilliant woman is not only the ideal wife, but also an exceptional mother.

Rowland, in addition to spending quality time with her husband and three children, pursues her personal passion of cooking. We already mentioned that she has posted many pictures of her interesting meals on her Instagram page. Do you want to take a look? Continue reading to learn more about Colleen Rowland’s Instagram and social media life.

Colleen Rowland’s body dimensions

Referring to someone as a gorgeous person implies that they are captivating. Colleen Rowland, who stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 55 kilograms, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful wags in football.

Rowland, who works as a model but not professionally, takes her fitness seriously. Interestingly, she has dark brown eyes and blonde hair, which makes her very attractive.

It’s time to move on and discuss Colleen Rowland’s tattoos. Ready? So let’s keep going.

Even though tattoos are very popular these days, it appears that there are still many women who do not want to ink their bodies, and Colleen Rowland is without a doubt one of them. His husband, on the other hand, appears to believe the opposite. You may have heard something about it.

Colleen Rowland love life with Aaron Ramsey and wedding

Aaron Ramsey and Colleen Rowland are one of the sweetest football couples, with a long history together. The couple had known each other since childhood because they are both from Wales and grew up in the same neighborhood in Caerphilly.

Colleen Rowland

The couple dated for a long time before marrying on June 8, 2014, in a beautiful wedding ceremony at Caldicot Castle in the United Kingdom.

Ramsey’s Arsenal and Wales national team teammates, including Theo Walcott and Gareth Bale, were among their guests.

Instead of gifts, the couple requested that guests donate to Parkinson’s UK.

Following their wedding, the newlyweds traveled to Venice for their honeymoon. It’s time to read our article on the most interesting facts about Aaron Ramsey’s wife, Colleen Rowland. Let us continue.

Aaron Ramsey, Colleen Rowland’s husband

Aaron James Ramsey, born on December 26, 1990, is a Welsh professional footballer who currently plays for the Serie A club Juventus as well as the Wales national team.

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Ramsey, regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of his generation, can also play as a left or right winger.

He began playing football at the age of nine, when he attended an Urdd training session in his hometown of Caerphilly, Wales.

Ramsey was a keen rugby player and athlete before becoming a footballer.

Anyways’ Ramsey, who was signed by Cardiff City’s youth academy in 1999, won the Welsh Schools’ Athletic Association pentathlon championship in 2005 and was ranked fourth in the United Kingdom in the under 17 age group in 2006.

In terms of his personal life, you should know that the incredible player grew up in Wales with his parents and brother Josh, and as previously stated, that is where he met his stunning wife.

He later moved to London and became Chris Gunter’s housemate, a former Cardiff City teammate.

You may also be interested to learn that Ramsey is bilingual, speaking both Welsh and English.

Back to football, Ramsey joined Cardiff City’s senior team in 2006, becoming the club’s youngest ever first-team player, and went on to make 28 appearances for the senior team, including the 2008 FA Cup Final.

Arsenal was the great footballer’s next destination. Ramsey joined Arsenal for £5 million in 2008. The relocation was completed on June 13, 2008. It’s worth noting that Aaron chose Arsenal because of Arsene Wenger’s approach. In fact, Wenger flew Aaron and his family to Switzerland to discuss his plans for him and his future with Arsenal. That is why Wenger is regarded as one of the greatest coaches of all time! Don’t you think so?

Ramsey made his Arsenal debut in the Champions League third qualifying round against FC Twente on 13 August 2008, and it was the start of his bright days with the Gunners. On July 1, 2009, his outstanding performance earned him a new contract.

However, as they say, all things must pass. Unfortunately, Aaron Ramsey’s career was severely hampered by a leg injury sustained during a match against Stoke City in February 2010. But that was not the end of his career; in the 2011–12 season, he regained full fitness and re-established himself as a regular starter.

Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey was a key player for Arsenal during the 2013–14 season, scoring 16 goals across all competitions. He also contributed to Arsenal’s FA Cup victory in 2015. Ramsey’s final achievement with Arsenal was helping his team win the 2017 FA Cup for the second time. Later, in 2018, he achieved his highest market value of €45 million. That was the end of the brilliant Premier League player, who joined Juventus after signing a pre-contractual agreement and won the league title in his first season.

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You should also be aware that Ramsey has represented Wales at the international level since 2005, and that he will represent Great Britain at the 2012 London Olympics.

Children of Colleen Rowland and Aaron Ramsey

Colleen Rowland and Aaron Ramsey’s Children are the subject of our next article. Surprisingly, the couple has three healthy and adorable children.

Their first child, a handsome son named Sonny Ramsey, was born in 2015. Three years later, Colleen became pregnant for the second time, this time for their beautiful twins, Tomas and Teddy Ramsey.

In terms of where they live, the couple lived in North London from 2014 to 2019, but then relocated to Italy in 2019 to live in Turin, where the handsome footballer plays for the Old Ladies.

Colleen Rowland monetary value

To discuss Colleen Rowland’s net worth, we must first state that it was difficult to track Colleen’s financial details; however, we have discovered that Aaron Ramsey’s stunning wife’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. What about her husband, though? Let us investigate.

Aaron Ramsey’s net worth is estimated to be 29 million dollars as of 2021. His highest market value was €45 million in 2018, and his current market value is $11.00 million.

After amassing a large fortune during his time at Arsenal, the current Juventus player purchased a very expensive house in Wales, as well as a Mercedes SLS.

Instagram and social media accounts of Colleen Rowland

The next topic we’ll cover in our article about Colleen Rowland’s top facts is her social life on Instagram and other platforms.

Colleen, as previously stated, is an incredible cook who enjoys sharing her culinary creations on her Instagram account.

Colleen Rowland’s social media accounts are as follows:

@colleen_ramsey on Instagram

Twitter handle: @C_Ramsey

Some interesting facts about Colleen Rowland

  1. Colleen is a big fan of animals.
  2. She is a fantastic cook, but she only cooks for her family.
  3. Colleen enjoys traveling extensively.
  4. Her favorite vacation destination is Paris.
  5. She also enjoys reading.
  6. Colleen adores dogs.
  7. Her favorite time of year is Christmas.
  8. She also enjoys wine.

That was all about Aaron Ramsey’s wife, Colleen Rowland.

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