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Alapini Osa Biography, Wiki and Profile Summary

Alapini Osa Biography

Real Name Ganiyu Nafiu
Stage Name Alapini Osa
Date of Birth Late 1940s
Age approximately 80 years old
State of Origin Unknown
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Muslim
Profession Nollywood actor
Phone Number Unknown
Net Worth $50,000

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Alapini Osa/Ganiyu Nafiu Biography: Who Is Alapini Osa?

Alapini Osa or Ganiyu Nafiu is a popular actor that many Yoruba movie fans are familiar with. He is an actor that has been in the movie industry for a while. Apart from this, he is also a movie producer and of course, a movie director.

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Most old people who started watching Nollywood movies since the last century would recognize Alapini Osa as an everpresent face. He has been in the industry for more than 40 years (this is a feat few actors/actresses can boast). His impact in the movie industry can not be undermined or understated.

Alapini Osa’s most renowned role is the one which bears his name. He has come to be regarded as synonymous to the native doctor (also called herbalist) role in Yoruba movies. Often times, he acts in this role and because of years of experience, there are few actors who can match his prowess in the role.

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Alapini Osa Career

The beginning of Alapini Osa’s career dates back to the 1970s specifically in 1977. Before this time, he was a street jester who along with some members of his group paraded themselves and entertained people at social functions.

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Alapini Osa was part of the group that included about six people. Upon the death of one of the members of this group, Alapini Osa left for Arabic school. Later on in 1979, he formed a group of his own.

The group did not last long. A year later, it was disbanded. Alapini Osa went to train with the famous Akin Ogungbe and eventually under Ray Eyiwunmi. Both of these veterans are dead.

He eventually became independent and luck soon found him as he made his way into Nollywood.

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Alapini Osa Date Of Birth

Alapini Osa was born before Nigeria gained independence from the British [you do remember the now Federal Republic of Nigeria were colonized by the British, right?]. We are not certain when he was born exactly but we are sure it was sometime around the 1940s.

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Based on these calculations, he is currently 80 years old.

Alapini Osa Real Name

What is Alapini Osa’s real name? As we all know, the name Alapini Osa is actually just his stage name. His real name is Ganiyu Nafiu.

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Is Alapini Osa Dead

Contrary to the annual rumours concerning his status, Alapini Osa is not dead and has never been. He is in good health and has continued to feature in new Nollywood movies.

Alapini Osa Net Worth

At the time of writing this article, Ganiyu Nafiu alias Alapini Osa is worth an estimated amount of $50,000. In order words, his net worth is $50,000 US Dollars.

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