5 tips to create high quality blog content

There is almost no way you can outrank competitors on the competitive web space without taking into consideration the channeling of your strength into creating high quality blog content.

Search engines like Bing and Google have the potential of giving every blogger his or her dream— huge amounts of traffic. However, this dream can only be realized if your content ranks on highly searched keywords. The problem however is, there is often a lot of competition for who gets the top spot on the SERPs.

So what is the solution to this problem? The solution is to create better content on your blog than what is available to Google or Bing. That way, these search engines, who always strive to give the best to their users, would rank your content above your competitors.

Knowing that what you need to rank higher on keywords you target is high quality content, you might be wondering: “how can I create high quality blog content?”

Well, you are in for a bit of luck. In this article, I will provide you with five simple tips on how to create the perfect high quality content that would rank you as number 1 on that keyword you’ve been meaning to target.

Tip 1: Cover the subject matter as broadly as possible

Nothing gets you high quality blog content than to create content that encompasses pretty much every aspect of the subject matter as possible.

For a certain keyword, there are several sub-units or subtopics under that keyword. Giving meaning or discussing lengthily on these subtopics gives your article credence. Search engine would review those article and would likely conclude that you are well versed in the topic your content is based on.

Ultimately, the content you should create depends largely on who your target audience is and what your goal is. If you wish to attract backlinks (which have been proven to be quite helpful in achieving higher rankings), you should make your content not only detailed but lengthy. I recommend having not less than 1000 words as this shows how much of the topic you truly understand.

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As a final note on this first tip, make sure you have a rich collection of information on a topic before you write about it. Garner as much information as you can. This is one of the best ways to create high quality blog content.

Tip 2: Make the most of images, recordings and videos

Images have been proven to hold readers’ attention when browsing through an article. Normally, most people have short attention spans but adding a relevant image here and there keeps their attention.

Videos and audio recordings arouse the same effect in readers of your content. And if these things can keep your target audience interested in the content you have channelled out, then you have achieved your goal of creating a content of high quality.

You should note that one of the major qualities or characteristics of high quality blog contents is that they contain visual and/or audio material that ensure readers’ engagement.

This is yet another useful tip for bloggers who wish to create high quality content that would rank high on SERPs.

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Tip 3: Ensure high degree of grammatical and mechanical accuracy

An article containing jumbled combination of words is an eyesore to behold. Nobody enjoys reading content with poor grammar, terrible spelling and inappropriate use of punctuations.

Your content should be as grammatically accurate as possible.

Also ensure that you use as many simple and easily understood words as possible. In your strive to make your content more grammatically accurate, ensure that your words can pass the message you intend to share with your readers. What good is content that the reader cannot understand?

In addition to this, the tone of your article matters. Research shows that readers prefer reading sentences in active voice rather than passive voice. Ideals communicated in the passive voice are often unnecessarily wordy and do not keep readers engaged. Readers love to feel connection when they read your content. Don’t take that away from them.

Tip 4: Ensure your textual content is comprehendible

Ask yourself this question: what good is an article that your target audience does not understand? Now answer this question yourself. Obviously your answer would be “it’s worth nothing”.

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Comprehension is one of the goals of creating any high quality blog content. If the textual aspect of your articles are not comprehendible, you are bound to lose readers to boredom as they peruse your content.

Let me give you a practical example of what I am saying so you understand. Let’s say your target audience is an Aussie and you’ve written this beautiful article that relates to what this Australian is interested in but your content is in Spanish, a language that an Australian usually doesn’t understand. You will find that that target audience will prefer to visit other blogs displaying similar contents simply because he cannot comprehend what you have written for his consumption.

Make your content as comprehendible as possible. This is one of the qualities of a high quality blog content.

Tip 5: Work on the appearance of your article

Over all, your article, at first glance should be something the writer would wish to read. This means that the appearance of your articles in textual form must be appealing to the eye. How can one achieve this? You can do this by:

  • Using bolded text to highlight important aspects of your articles
  • Using italics to cite sources of information
  • Using numbered texts where necessary to make your articles  easy to understand
  • Dividing your whole article into easily observable sections and sub topics
  • Using H2 and H3 subheadings to highlight subtopics of your articles.

All these tips are designed to make your article better and more easier to comprehend. When put into use, they would no doubt spark interest in the reader.

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