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Who Is Jacqui Swedberg? All You Need To Know

Jacqui Swedberg

Jacqui Swedberg is an American producer, assistant director, and the wife of Wes Bentley, an American actor.

Who is Jacqi Swedberg?

Jacqui Swedberg works as a producer, second unit director, and assistant director. She worked as a producer on the TV show Corner Gas for two years, from 2007 to 2009, producing 38 episodes. The show takes place in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, and follows the lives (or lack thereof) of gas station owner Brent LeRoy, coffee shop owner Lacey Burrows, and the locals.

She also worked as an assistant director trainee on Sleepwalking (2008) and Lullaby for Pi (2010). Swedberg was also the second assistant director for one episode of the TV series (2007) and the trainee assistant director for two episodes of the TV mini-series Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story (2006).

Family and Marriage

Wes Bentley and Jacqui Swedberg married on April 5, 2010, after Bentley divorced his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Quanz. Their first child, Charles Bentley, was born in 2010, and their second child, Brooklyn Bentley, was born in 2014.

There isn’t much information on the couple’s relationship, but it is known that they began dating in 2008. Swedberg has remained out of the spotlight since their marriage. Bentley and Swedberg do not have social media accounts. The couple has kept their personal life out of the spotlight.

Jacqui Swedberg’s Husband, Wes Bentley’s Biography

Wes Bentley, Swedberg’s husband, was born on September 4, 1978, in Jonesboro, Arizona. Bentley attended Arkansas’ Sylvan Hills High School. He went on to study at The Julliard School in New York.

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Wes Bentley Jacqui Swedberg

Bentley is best known for his role as Ricky Fitts in the Academy Award-winning film American Beauty (1999). He rose to prominence after appearing in films such as Ghost Rider (2007), The Hunger Games (2012), and Interstellar (2013). (2014). Bentley has gained popularity in recent years as a result of his roles in the television series American Horror Story (2014-2016). Bentley was promoted to the main cast of American Horror Story: Hotel for the fifth season after appearing as a guest character in American Horror Story: Freak Show in 2014. He also appears as Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone (2018-2022) on the Paramount Network.

Bentley has been open about his struggles with heroin addiction. The actor has admitted publicly that his substance abuse cost him his first marriage to actress Jennifer Quanz. He did not, however, begin attending a 12-step program until 2009.

Bentley also lost his best friend, Heath Ledger, to an overdose from a prescription drug. In a 2010 interview with The New York Times, he revealed that he spent the majority of the 2000s addicted to drugs and that he took acting roles solely for the money to buy drugs. In an interview, he stated that someone he met while filming There Be Dragons inspired his sobriety (2011). He stated that the individual had been sober for two years and had assisted Bentley in quitting drinking and using drugs while filming. He also admitted that his sobriety is a work in progress.

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She is a devoted mother to her children.

Wes Bentley’s wife has given birth to a son, Charles Bentley, and a daughter, Brooklyn Bentley, in their over a decade of marriage.

Charles Bentley, Jacqui and Wes Bentley’s firstborn, was born in late 2010. Similarly, the Bentley-Swedberg couple welcomed a daughter in 2014.

Because Jacqui and Wes Bentley’s children are still young, it is too soon to discuss their future careers and interests. Hopefully, they will grow up to be wonderful adults who achieve great success in their lives.

Jacqui Swedberg Net Worth And Career

Wes Bentley’s wife is a TV series associate producer and assistant director, as previously stated. As a result, Jacqui Swedberg’s net worth is likely to be heavily influenced by her work as an assistant filmmaker.

Jacqui Swedberg

Similarly, the media personality must have studied topics relevant to her profession. In 2006, she began her career as a trainee assistant director for the miniseries Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story. Furthermore, the accomplished associate producer is best known for her work on the hit TV show Corner Gas. The show aired from 2007 to 2009. She also appeared in 38 episodes of the show.

Above all, the Corner Gas series was a hit. In Canada, the first season attracted over 1.21 million viewers. Similarly, the last season of the television show appeared to have won the hearts of its viewers.

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Jacqui has also worked as a trainee assistant director in two films, Lullaby For Pi and Sleepwalking.

She has also worked as extras in the short film The Greims.

Furthermore, the associate producer took on the role of second assistant director for one episode of However, she has put her career on hold since her marriage to Bentley.

According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary for an associate producer of television series is $53,895. Jacqui must have earned a good living from her work. Jacqui Swedberg’s net worth must be enormous given all of her directorial projects.

Wes Bentley, Jacqui’s husband, has a net worth of $3 million. His earnings as an actor account for the majority of his fortune. Nonetheless, Wes and Jacqui must be living a comfortable life thanks to their vast fortune.

Paul Lieberstein is another person who has made a significant amount of money from his producing job.

Overall, the assistant director appears to be living a happy life with her husband and children. We wish Jacqui Swedberg and her family continued success.

Jacqui Swedberg Facts and Trivia

  • Jacqui’s in-laws are ministers of the United Methodist Church.
  • Her husband is a Sylvan Hills High School graduate from Sherwood, Arkansas.
  • Swedberg does not appear to have an Instagram account or any other social media accounts.