The best review: Is Refcash legit or scam?

Hey there! You are here because you recently heard of, right? You want to confirm if they are legit or scam before investing in them, right?

Well, if that is the reason why you are here, then you are in luck because this article is the best (or Refcash) review on the internet.

This review on will answer several questions, some of which are:

  • Is legit?
  • Is free?
  • How can I make money on Refcash?

Please ensure you read the entire length of this Refcash review. Every part of this review is loaded so don’t skip over anything.

Refcash/ homepage

Let us get down to business, shall we?

What is

Refcash, more popularly known as is an affiliate website based in Nigeria that rewards users for referring new people to the platform.

Despite being a fairly young affiliate website, the business refers to itself as the ‘best affiliate program’ in Nigeria. That is a little prideful, don’t you think? But…they could be saying this because they are so sure of themselves. What do you think? Read on.

Refcash’s mission statement described exactly what the business is. I must say, they are pretty straightforward.

Here’s what they say in their website,;

“Our mission is to enable affiliate marketers such as bloggers, average internet users and more others go make money by just performing an action of referring people.”

See, they went straight to the point.

Is free?

There is one thing you need to low about though! Relax chap, it is not something bad. In fact, you’d be glad to hear it.

Remember that this article answers the question of whether Refcash is free or not? Well, Refcash is free! Am I kidding you? Of course not. From registration to cashing out, you do not need to spend a dime.

Are you getting excited? Want to know more? Then, keep your eyes peeled and read on keenly.

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How to make money on

Registered members on Refcash earn by only one mean. The only way to earn on this website is to refer new users to the system.

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How much does pay you per each person you refer? Refcash pays you a whooping 500 Naira (five hundred Naira) per person refer to the platform. Remember, you are paying absolutely nothing to get this incredible opportunity.

Imagine you refer 10 people per week to Refcash. That means you would earn 5,000 Naira per week. What about if you become more diligent and you refer two people per day for 1 month? That means you would be earning 30,000 Naira in that month!

What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Refcash?

You’ll be surprised by how little the minimum withdrawal amount is. On the platform, you only need an amount of 2000 Naira in your Refcash account to cash out. Anything less than that and you won’t be able to cash out.

Let us put this into context; to get that amount (2000 Naira), you would need just for referrals. Isn’t that great?

How to invite/refer people to

Refcash’s referral program is something even a baby can benefit from. The site makes the process so easy that I can do it with my eyes closed.

  1. To invite a member, simply log into your Refcash account dashboard. Then scroll down to you see a bolded link. This bolded link is your referral link or URL.
  2. Copy the link and give it the widest coverage possible. Share it with friends and family. Share it on social media, do everything you can to get people to sign up.

Remember folks, the more people you get the sign up, the more money you would make.

How much can I make with

The earning potential on this platform is limitless! What did I say? Limitless! They have no maximum earning limit so that means you can make hundreds and millions of Naira.

Who owns

It seems Refcash has no owner or CEO but there is a pretty good explanation for this. The thing is Refcash was established by a team or group who address themselves by the name “3rd Power Team”.

Since it was established by a team, I guess it is not owned by an individual.

When was launched?

It didn’t take too much investigation to find an answer to the above question. It is displayed here on their website.

“Refcash Inc. was founded by some group of people called 3rd Power Team. The business was founded on the 26th of June, 2021.”

As you can see it is a new platform. But you have absolutely nothing to lose if you work with them, do you?

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How to register on

Do you want to join and start earning money? If yes, then hit this link.

Once you have done this, you will be taken to a page where you will provide your first name, your last name, your email address and a strong password of your choice.

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When you are through with the above, you can then click the ‘register’ button.
Registering on does not take too much of your time. If you have all your details ready, you should be through in about 3 minutes.

How to login on

To log into your Refcash account, click HERE. Then provide you accurate email address and password.

How to withdraw on

To withdraw on Refcash, you have to follow the following steps;

  • Login to your Refcash account (information on how to do that is given above).
  • Once in your dashboard, scroll down until you see ‘request for withdrawal’.
  • Click the button that reads “collect withdrawal slip to cash out”.
  • Then head over to their telegram account where you will need to request for a withdrawal slip.

It is that easy!

Refcash withdrawal

Before withdrawing on, you should note some things:

  • Payments may take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days. This is because you Refcash claims that this period is used for reviewing your referrals. Why do they do this? Your answer is below.
  • hates fake referrals and bots. If your referrals are fake or bots, you will be BANNED!
  • Minimum referral is 2000 Naira.

Is legit or scam?

Take a deep breath first. I am sorry to inform you that is a SCAM! The platform is NOT LEGIT.

In the past, the platform used to pay users but not anymore. This is why most of the payment proofs you find online are old ones.

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A quick investigation on Facebook will add to our conclusion. Individual reviews are almost always negative.

Stay away from if you don’t want to waste your time.

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