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Meet Broderick Harvey Jr, Steve Harvey’s Son 

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Broderick Harvey Jr

Broderick Harvey Jr. is the son of Steve Harvey, the famous television host, and Marcia’s first wife. It’s their only child from their marriage. He has a clothing line called ‘Need Money Not Friends.’ He also designs the clothing, shoes, and accessories sold on his website. Broderick Harvey Jr. also owns ‘B. Harvey Photography, Inc.’ He founded the company in May 2009 and continues to work for it today.

He is involved in several business ventures run by his father. In 2017, he, for example, worked for Steve Harvey’s East 112th Street Production. In addition, he is involved in volunteer work. He is a regular volunteer at the ‘Harvey Charity Foundation.’ Steve Harvey and his third wife, Marjorie Harvey, founded it as a non-profit organization. The foundation is primarily concerned with and supports youth education.

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Quick Facts

Full name Broderick Harvey Jr.
Date of birth April 29th, 1991
Age 31 years old
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, US
Sun sign Taurus
Father Steve Harvey
Mother Marcia Harvey
Nationality American
Siblings Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey
Stepsiblings Wynton Harvey, Morgan Harvey, Jason Harvey, and Lori Harvey
School North Springs Charter High School
College Morehouse College
Net worth USD 2 million
Social Media Instagram @bhrav
Favorite artist Kanye West
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5 feet and 9 inches

Early years

Broderick Harvey Jr. was born in Los Angeles, California on April 29, 1991. He is a Taurus.

Taurus men are generally very sensible. They are hardworking, strenuous individuals who are dedicated to their goals, ambitions, and loved ones.

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Broderick has a caring and determined personality. His friend and admirers adore him for his warmth and go-getter attitude.

Broderick graduated from North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia. North Springs is best known for its focus on the arts and sciences.

In 2010, Broderick enrolled at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2014, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree.

Similarly, Broderick has dark brown eyes and black hair. Broderick became close to all six of his siblings after moving to Atlanta.

Broderick also adores his siblings’ children. On his Instagram account, he frequently posts photos of them.

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Steve Harvey divorced Marcia while she was still pregnant in 1990. Steve Harvey’s success and celebrity put the couple under peer pressure, resulting in a deteriorating marriage.

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Steve’s alleged infidelity was the primary reason for his parents’ divorce.

Furthermore, Marcia accused Steve of seeing and living with his second wife before legally divorcing her. Three years after Broderick’s birth in 1994, the couple divorced.

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Mr. Steve Harvey (father)

Broderick’s father, Steve Harvey, is an American comedian and author. Steve Harvey is well-known for his television shows such as “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” and “Family Feud.”

He has also hosted Miss Universe competitions. Despite spending most of his childhood with his mother, Marcia, Broderick remains close to his father.

Broderick stated on one of his father’s talk shows that he only discovered his father after the age of 16. “I didn’t have my father full-time until I was 16.” They (Steve and Marjorie Harvey) relocated to Atlanta and invited me to join them. And as a 16-year-old, I knew I needed that as a man. I needed that bond with him.”

Similarly, Steve stated on the show, “Now I spend my entire life trying to make up for the mistake I made as a young father.”

Today, Broderick and his father collaborate on a number of projects.

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Marcia Harvey (mother)

Marcia Harvey, on the other hand, is a businesswoman and author. She is said to have written three books, including ‘Marcia: Eyes to the Soul.’ ‘Marcia: Poems from the Heart,’ and ‘Marcia: Thoughts from My Mind,’ are two of her books.

Marcia moved to Cleveland with her children after her divorce from Steve Harvey and raised them on her own.

Broderick stated that his mother was unhappy because his father had been absent for 16 years of his life when he decided to relocate to Atlanta.

“My mom was hurt when I said I wanted to go to Atlanta to live with my dad,” Broderick explained. Oh, why are you going? she asked. He hadn’t been here for 16 years.”

Despite his father and mother’s divorce, Broderick remains close to both.

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Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey Raymond are Broderick’s biological twin sisters. He is the younger of the two. Brandi and Karli are motivational speakers and teachers. They strive to motivate and inspire women and young ladies.

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Similarly, Broderick has a half-brother named Wynton Harvey from his father’s second marriage.

Wynton is a professional photographer and Savannah College of Art and Design student.

He also has three step-siblings, Morgan Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Jason Harvey, from his father’s third marriage to Marjorie Harvey.

Morgan is a food blogger and baker. She runs the blog ‘Give Me Some Mo.’ Lori, on the other hand, is a professional model who has worked for brands such as ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ and ‘Hermes.’

Jason Harvey is the owner of Yevrah Shoes, a luxury women’s footwear brand.

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Aren’t we all curious about celebrities’ love lives? We are, indeed.

Broderick appears to be a family man, according to his social media. On Instagram, for example, he has photos of himself with his nephews. He’s a good candidate for marriage.

Broderick Harvey Jr., the creative guy, is still single. He is not married and does not have a girlfriend (well, at least officially).


Brock Harvey Jr. started working for his father’s company in 2008. For four years, he collaborated closely with the Steve Harvey radio network’s social media team.

Along with working for his father, Broderick established his own company, ‘B. Harv Photography, Inc.’ He is still working as an artist here. Broderick worked as a ticket coordinator for ‘NuOpp Inc.’ in 2015.

Broderick also co-founded a shoe company, Steps by Stephens, with his friend Thabiti Stephens. Harvey and Stephens both design the company’s products. They even donate 15% of their profits to feed the homeless in Atlanta.

Harvey began working as a development associate for business projects at ‘East 112th Street Productions’ in 2017. This company specializes in film and television production. He worked as a development associate on shows such as ‘Little Big Shots: Forever Young,’ ‘Celebrity Family Feud,’ ‘Steve Harvey’s Funder Dome,’ ‘BET’s Mancave,’ and ‘Family Feud South Africa and Ghana.’

Broderick and his siblings were also on a special episode of ‘Family Feud,’ hosted by their father, Steve Harvey. The Harvey family boys challenged the Harvey family girls during the episode.

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Apart from his professional career, Broderick is also involved in volunteer work. For example, he volunteers for his father’s foundation, the ‘Harvey Charity Foundation.’

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Broderick Harvey Jr.’s net worth

Throughout his clothing business, he has made a good living. However, because Broderick has not disclosed his earnings, calculating his net worth is difficult. His father’s net worth, on the other hand, is estimated to be around USD 200 million, with an annual salary of $45 million.

Broderick currently lives a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles, California. According to online sources, he lives in a $30 million mansion with his extended family.

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Social media

Broderick Harvey Jr. has an Instagram account called @bharv. Broderick’s Instagram account has over 44 thousand followers.

The majority of his posts feature him traveling or modeling his company’s products.

He also posts pictures of himself spending time with his family on occasion. Most importantly, he posts photos of himself enjoying his nieces and nephews.

FAQs About Broderick Harvey Jr

Broderick Harvey Jr. is he married?

Brock Harvey Jr. appears to be in only a friendship relationship. But he’s a handsome guy with a career in the entertainment industry and enough money to get by. He’s single and solely concerned with his career.

What exactly does Broderick Harvey do?

Broderick is a visionary business owner. He is passionate about fashion, art, and entertainment. He appears to have opened a clothing store. “I need friends more than money.” Unfortunately, the store is no longer open, or he did not begin the venture for unknown reasons. He does, however, participate in photography. He also assists his father with his work.

Broderick appears to be interested in a career in Hollywood.

Broderick Harvey Jr. has how many children?

Broderick is not currently in a live-in relationship or married to anyone. He doesn’t have any children. The speculations may have arisen as a result of his numerous social media posts featuring children. However, the child is not his, and he is only an uncle to him.