Best Jubna Ad Network Review: Is Jubna Ads legit or scam?

Welcome to the best Jubna Ads review on the internet. In this review, you’ll get access to the many insights necessary for you to succeed in the ‘premium‘ advertising network.

One of the mainstay problems or challenges of any new blogger (referred to as publisher for the entirety of this article) producing quality content is how to make tangible income from his content. This is why, as a publisher, you are always in search of advertising networks that won’t scam you and yet pay you what you feel is right for your content.

Sometimes, in the search for a way to monetize your awesome content, a publisher might make the mistake of chasing away his/her visitors by displaying annoying ads that make staying on their blog or website a living hell. 

In considerations of these many factors (some of which I have highlighted earlier), Google AdSense has continued to prove to be the most desirable advertising network.

But, as you probably know, it is not easy to have your blog approved into the advertising network owned by Google.

So in this article, I will explain to you the ins and outs of another advertising network that could rival Google AdSense, that is Jubna ad network.  


Jubna Ad network review
Jubna logo

What is Jubna?

Jubna is an online ad network based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that creates a platform that connects advertisers and publishers.

When was Jubna advertising network founded?

Jubna advertising network was founded in 2014.

Jubna ad network revenue models

Jubna operates on two types of revenue models; Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mile (CPM). 

They mainly deliver native ads to webmasters.

Like many advertising networks, Jubna only accepts publishers after a mandatory approval process which can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day.

What are the publisher requirements to get admitted into Judna Ad network?

Jubna is very transparent when it comes to what they consider a publisher eligible to be admitted into their ad program.

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These requirements are very similar to Google AdSense but despite this, it is easier to get into this network as a publisher than the former.

Here are Jubna’s requirements;

• Site must not contain illegitimate content like spam, viruses, malware, adware and spyware.

• Original and unique content, no copyright.

• Websites must not have popup or popunder.

• Accept sites with original and unique content.

• No minimum traffic required.

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Jubna Review: Should I join Jubna?

Perhaps you should ask the 1000 happy premium publishers who use the ad network to monetize there contents.

Throughout the years, Jubna has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy ad network for publishers who wish to monetize their content.

When asked if Jubna ad network is legit, our answer would be that; yes, Jubna is legit.

If you are getting good traffic to your blog or website (somewhere upwards of 1000 visitors daily), you should consider joining Jubna advertising network. You stand a chance to earn more if these traffic is purely organic.

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Jubna Ad Features

1. 100% fill rate for many regions. This means there is no discrimination for which region your traffic is coming from. Ads will show every time it is requested by a visitor on your blog or website.

2. Highly responsive ads. This means that Jubna ads can take on any shape that would fit the screen of the viewer: whether a desktop, iOS or Android device. Another perk is that you don’t need to set sizes for several ads; this is a particularly time consuming process.

3. Up to $3 eCPM rate for USA, UK, India, Australia and Europe. As you know, many ad networks favour traffic from tier one countries. Jubna is no exception.

4. Native ads can bypass ad-blockers. This is good news for publishers as this means you can serve ads for almost all of your visitors. This can greatly increase revenue in the long run.

5. Can serve up to 20 ads.

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Jubna Ad Policies

• No self-click ads nor encourage others to click. Do not encourage visitors to click ads or click ads by yourself. If you are found out, Jubna would terminate your account and you would forfeit all your earnings.

• No use of bots traffic, PTC sites, auto refreshing sites and traffic exchanges to generate fake traffic. Fake traffic is something ad networks are constantly fighting against, it is therefore no surprise that Jubna also frowns against it.

• No use of bots or software to click ads automatically. Jubna has special algorithms that can detect bot clicks so of you plan on using this, I would advise you to think twice.

How to Join Jubna Ad Network

I believe this write-up has convinced you that Jubna is legit. Because of this, you might be considering creating a Jubna publisher’s account.

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First, you must realize that joining Jubna is not a particularly hard process. The ad network knows it is capable of attracting many publishers into the program and has therefore made joining relatively easy.

As long as you meet the requirements I have highlighted above, there’s nothing stopping you from joining Jubna premium advertising network.

The steps to joining the ad network as a publisher are as follows;

1. Navigate to publishers’ area and click on “Register Your Site

2. Fill in your personal information and website then Register.

3. If your application is successful, you would be taken to your Jubna dashboard.

Jubna Ad Payment Method

Publishers on Jubna advertising network get paid on the 7th of every month. The payment threshold, that is the minimum amount of earnings you can withdraw, is $50.

There are two payment options: PayPal and Bank transfer.

Jubna Contact


DTEC Building

Dubai Silicon Oasis

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Telephone : +971 4 501 3939

Sales : +971 50 527 2554

Email :


Jubna ads work perfectly irrespective of the niche you find yourself as a publisher. This makes it easier for monetization.

Earning cool cash on Jubna is easy if you can adhere to the instructions we have sounded so far.

Make sure you have a lot of organic traffic. By organic traffic, we mean traffic that comes from search results.

Also ensure that majority of the traffic you are getting to your blog is coming from tier 1 countries. Countries like the UK, United States, Canada, Australia and several European countries are classified as tier 1 countries.

As a reminder, ensure your contents are unique and are quality before applying. Scraped contents are often not considered.

If you has anything you wish to add, please let us know in the comments. Your contributions would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading. Please share this article and feel free to check out other interesting articles on this blog.