Crime Story: What Happened To Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl?

Daniel Felipe Petry was a Brazilian adolescent murderer who sexually abused and murdered his next-door neighbor Gabriel Kuhn on July 23, 2007, in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Continue reading to find out more about Daniel.

“Gabriel cheated, and I will hold him accountable for his actions; as he stated, there is Heaven and Hell, and he is in Hell; I will track him down and exact vengeance,” Daniel stated in his most recent media interview.

Gabriel Kuhl: Who Was He? Murder Mystery

Gabriel Kuhl, a typical 12-year-old boy who lived in the same neighborhood as Daniel Petry, was a typical 12-year-old boy. They first met while playing Tibia, an online game.

Gabriel once requested that Daniel lend him 20,000 Tibia, the online virtual currency. Daniel agreed on the condition that Gabriel return it to him.

Daniel gradually began to request the promised virtual currency, but Gabriel chose to keep it and exclude him from his virtual connections.

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This enraged Daniel, who called his mother, Nova Trento, at 9:30 a.m. on the day of the crime to inquire as to when she would arrive.

Knowing how little time he had, Daniel knocked on Gabriel’s door and asked if he could come in and apologize and straighten things out.

Gabriel opens the door and lets him in because they knew each other and were friends. He quickly realized his mistake. Daniel Petry slammed the door shut and locked behind him before launching into a vicious and ferocious thrashing on Gabriel.

What Happened to Gabriel Kuhl and Daniel Petry in Their Crime Story?

As a result of this crime, Daniel Petry was filled with lethal hatred.

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His violent past returned to him, and he found himself at Gabriel Kuhn’s door. Daniel persuaded the youngster to open the door and let him in so they could make amends.

Petry, on the other hand, began hitting Kuhn and viciously sodomizing the young boy. Daniel mocked him as he sobbed and bled on his bed.

The child’s mind sought refuge in the only place it had ever known after being violently attacked and mocked. Kuhn said he would inform his mother of Petry’s actions.

Daniel became enraged and unplugged Gabriel’s computer, strangling him with it while once again sexually abusing him. When he found out Kuhl had died, he realized he needed to hide the body.

Petry tried to force Gabriel into the crawlspace, but the door was too small. Daniel quickly grabbed a hacksaw and began hacking at Kuhl’s torso.

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Gabriel then regained consciousness and screamed in pain. Petry became enraged after mutilating his victim’s body, and while Gabriel was still alive, he sawed him in half.

He also inscribed Tibian symbols into Gabriel’s skin. Because he couldn’t fit the body into the crawlspace, he left it in the hall for Gabriel’s brother to find later that day.

What Has Happened to Daniel Petry? Update 2021

We don’t know where Daniel Petry is right now.

A blatant miscarriage of justice occurred when a Brazilian court sentenced Daniel Petry to three years in a juvenile detention center.

He was released in 2010 and, according to all accounts, he vanished.

There is no online presence, and there are no long-term consequences for child murder.