Martin Bledel & Nanette Bledel: Meet Alexis Bledel’s Parents

Alexis Kimberley Bledel, an American model and actress, was born on September 16th, 1981 in Houston, Texas, USA. Martin Bledel and Nanette Bledel, both Argentinians, gave birth to her. Alexis has the same parents as her actor brother, Eric David Bledel. Early Years & Career Alexis grew up in a Spanish-speaking environment and did not … Read more

Meet Nanette Bledel, Alexis Bledel’s mother

Nanette Bledel Alias Nanette Dozier is Martin Bledel’s wife and Alexis Bledel’s mother. The two-parent mother worked as a flight attendant. According to some reports, she also worked as a Gift Processing Operator. Nanette Bledel has dual nationality; she is both Mexican and American. Nanette’s daughter is a model and actress in the United States. … Read more