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What the internet doesn’t say about Robert Noah, father of Trevor Noah

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Hello, guys. Welcome to iamNG. In this article, I will be giving every piece of information you need to know about Robert Noah. The information you will find in this article will cut across several topics ranging from:

  • Who is Robert Noah?
  • Where is Robert Noah now?
  • Robert Noah wife
  • Robert Noah Trevor Noah
  • Robert Noah Wikipedia
  • Robert Noah net worth
  • Robert Noah nationality
  • Robert Noah pictures
  • Is Robert Noah still alive?
  • Robert Noah age
  • Patricia Noah

Let us now start this knowledge profile of Robert Noah.

Who is Robert Noah?

Robert Noah is a chef, entrepreneur an internet personality who is most famous from being the father of Trevor Noah. Apart from this, Robert is the proud owner of the first integrated restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Robert Noah and Trevor Noah

His son, Trevor Noah, is one of the most popular comedians to hail from the African continent. The South African is the host of the popular satire news show, The Daily Show. Before that, he was a stand up comedian performing around the world from his homeland of South Africa to mainland Australia.

Robert Noah Biography: How he met Patricia Nombuyiselo

Comedian Trevor Noah has often been quoted saying his father, Robert Noah is of Swiss-German ancestry.

Likely born in one of either Germany or Switzerland, Robert Noah moved to Cape Town, South Africa in the early 1980s. It is believed that he came to the African continent for business reasons, likely to establish a business in one of the European dominated countries in the Southern African region.

It was in South Africa that Robert Noah met Trevor Noah’s mother. Her name is Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and she is Xhosa. At that time, South Africa was experiencing one of the worst kinds of racism on the planet, Apartheid.

Thanks to Apartheid, black citizens of South Africa had very limited rights and were denied certain privileges by law. During this dark period in South Africa’s history, it was illegal for whites to marry blacks. But that didn’t deter Robert from having a romantic relationship with Patricia.

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When the couple met, they had a large age difference between them. Robert Noah was 46 years old and Patricia, on the other hand, was more than 2 decades younger, at 24 years of age.

After some months of the couple’s romantic relationship, Patricia became pregnant with a baby boy. That boy was Trevor Noah.

Patricia Noah and Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah as a child and his mother, Patricia Noah

Soon, the authorities found out about the relationship between Robert and Patricia and the laws of Apartheid were enforced. Patricia was thrown into jail and fined.

Their son, Trevor, was sent to live with his grandmother and grew up there.

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Robert Noah’s Separation From His Son, Trevor Noah

Apartheid laws forbade racial interaction. That meant whites could not talk or be seen talking to blacks. The authorities were always around, ready to enforce the laws. These laws made it difficult for Robert Noah to live with his son.

Eventually, Robert Noah moved to Yeoville, a newly segregated area. Here, there was little stopping him from meeting his son and spending some quality time with him.

The two could only meet on Sundays however. Trevor Noah recalls spending valuable time with his father during these Sunday visits. 

Soon, Robert had to relocate away from Yeoville. He moved back to Cape Town and consequently lost touch with his son. At that time, Trevor Noah was 13.

7 years later, when Trevor was 20, he made the trip to Cape Town where he reunited with his father.

Robert Noah’s stance on racism

As you know, not all white people re racist. In fact, racism is not something that is peculiar to a certain race. To Robert, the laws of Apartheid were total nonsense.

Picture of Robert Noah 

He hated racism and homogeneity of any kind. Falling in love with Patricia was one of the examples of how little he regarded racial boundaries. In one of Trevor Noah’s stand up jokes, he had called his father a “maverick, who didn’t care about the racial boundaries”.

Robert Noah’s integrated restaurant

Robert Noah is credited with being one of the first persons to own an integrated restaurants in the whole of South Africa and is certainly the first in Johannesburg.

His stance on racism and Apartheid was crucial to this. He opened the restaurant with a license he acquired from the government but in spite of this, he had troubles keeping the restaurant open.

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Some people were not happy about the nature of the restaurant as it gave the opportunity for white and black people to come into close contact. These people petitioned for the restaurant to be closed and they had their wish.

At first, the government tried to close the restaurant on grounds of health violation but there was very little proof. Then, they mandated Robert to create separate toilets for the two races. Robert refused as this was against the very reason he started the restaurant in the first place. The restaurant was eventually closed down.

Robert Noah Age

Robert Noah was born in 1938. As of 2021, he is 83 years old.

Robert Noah Wife

Contrary to what many blogs say, Robert Noah was never at any time married to the mother of Trevor Noah, Patricia. The two were in love all right but theirs was nothing more than a romantic relationship.

Patricia however, is married (in fact, she married twice).

It is believed that Robert Noah has a family now but apart from this, we know next to nothing about their identities.

Robert Noah Nationality

Robert Noah is Swiss-German. He has both a German passport and a Swiss passport.

Robert Noah Net Worth

According to reports, Robert Noah is worth an estimated 2 million US Dollars. 

Robert Noah Wikipedia

Robert Noah does not have a Wikipedia page but his son, Trevor Noah does.

Is Robert Noah still alive?

Yes, he is still alive. Trevor Noah has not made any public mention of his father’s death. So we are certain that Robert Noah is still alive.

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